Own label product supplements

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Sell your 'own label' product supplements

If you've ever wished that you could set up your very own range of health supplements, vitamins and/or health foods, but not been sure where to start, our Own Label supplements service is for you.

A quick, easy and affordable means of getting your personalised branding onto a high quality ready-made supplements range, this option has the following key benefits for our resellers:

  • It adds prestige to your company - the supplements will be unique to your business, helping to keep customers returning and re-purchasing from you rather than from your competitors.
  • It usually offers bigger profit margins compared to selling the normal high street brands.
  • It allows you to price your products according to your market - no competing on price with other companies selling under the same branding and product name. While we supply you with Recommended Retail Prices, rated according to similar products on the market, you ultimately decide on your resale pricing.
  • It allows you to build up your own brand name of products, further supporting customer loyalty.

Example of a personalised own label supplement

Own label product supplements

As you can see in the image above (which is for illustrative purposes only), you get to personalise the product branding with your company logo, your unique product name and design (including colour scheme) and contact details (on the reverse label panel).

With this Own Label service, it is so quick and easy to set up your own range of high quality vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements with us. You get to pick from a number of our template designs, or you can provide us with your own artwork to use (in our required dimensions). In next to no time, and for a very reasonable one-off fee, you will have one or more products branded to match your business!

We can even dropship your own label supplement orders direct to your customers, with none of our Specialist Supplements Ltd details anywhere on the products, literature, labels or packaging - just as if you were posting the orders yourself. Click here to find out more about this convenient and reliable no-fee fulfilment solution.

Why you should buy your own label supplements from us...

  • We are United Kingdom based company and our products are manufactured in the UK.
  • Products are quality assured (GMP and ISO 9001).
  • Products conform to all current UK laws and regulations.
  • They will be unique to your business if sold under 'own label'.
  • Personalised label products allow you to start or expand your own brand and boost profits.
  • You can change the product name to whatever you wish (as long as it conforms to current labelling legislation).
  • Our Own Label service is provided for a small, one-off fee - no contracts, no fee per item sold and no minimum orders!
  • Your own label range can be dropshipped by us, at no extra cost and still with no minimum orders.
  • Once your own labels have been set up with us, we print them free of charge for all future orders.
  • We offer competitive prices, good profit margins on resale and therefore value for money.

Who can benefit from selling own label product supplements?

We supply a range of sole traders and businesses with own label product supplements, including:

  • Natural health practitioners (such as nutritionists, herbalists, allergy testing clinics and therapists etc)
  • GP surgeries
  • Complementary medicine clinics
  • Colonic irrigation clinics / colonic hydrotherapy practitioners
  • Personal trainers, gyms and boot camps
  • Online retailers of health foods and supplements
  • Independent health food shops
  • eBay and Amazon sellers
  • Slimming clubs / weight loss centres
  • Detox clinics / spa retreats
  • ..basically any individual or business wishing to sell high quality, high potency practitioner supplements to retail customers as a lucrative revenue stream.

Don't wait, get your own label products now!

If you're interested in selling your own range of specialist health foods, herbals and/or supplements (including protein powders, meal shakes, organic superfoods and more), create a trade account with us today. It is a free, quick and easy online process, without obligation or commitment. No contracts or obligatory monthly fees.

We look forward to working with you to create your own range! Of course, you also always have the option of reselling our products under our own Specialist Supplements Ltd branding.

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