How to create a supplement brand in the UK

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How to start a supplements brand in the UK

Your quick-start guide to starting your own supplements brand

If you have been thinking about starting your very own brand of health supplements, or wish you could create a range of health products that targets a lucrative niche that you have identified in the market, you have come to the right place. 

Starting a supplements brand or business is so much easier than you ever thought possible - with our help.

Here's how...

1. We give you the "ready to sell" products

Industry leaders for over 25 years, we are supplement wholesalers first and foremost. We supply health practitioners, retailers and entrepreneurs across the world with quality-assured, market-ready health foods and supplements that can be sold immediately, as is. 

This is huge - because it means that you don't have to worry about:

  • product formulation
  • legal compliance
  • the manufacturing process
  • minimum manufacture runs
  • the packaging process
  • or any of the other many complex and expensive logistical and procedural aspects of bringing a product to market.

​Our off-the-shelf range of wholesale supplements offers a comprehensive choice. Irrespective of your target market, we will have the products for you. 

And with our quality assurance processes, you can have peace of mind that what you are selling is safe, legally compliant and of excellent quality.

Our products are manufacturerd in the UK, under GMP and/or ISO standards. Our years of experience in the industry has also allowed us to cultivate relationships with trusted suppliers of premium natural ingredients. 

You have the choice to buy in bulk, or sell our products one at time. We have no minimum orders. This offers incredible flexibility to our re-sellers, especially to start-ups, as you do not have to lay out funds before making your own sales. Perfect for cash flow and an extremely low risk way to enter the supplements market. 

This option means that, if you don't wish to buy in bulk and keep your own stock, we can take care of this for you (along with everything that it entails). For example, we store the stock, we take the risk on shelf life, we keep inventory etc. 

This is a truly "on-demand" wholesale supplements service. You simply "call off" orders as and when you wish. 

2. We help you create your brand

Whether you have an existing brand that you wish to match, or this is an entirely new venture that you are starting from scratch, we can help you to get started in record time and for a price you can afford. 

We have a dedicated in-house design team who are expert at helping customers create their very own brand of supplements and making that dream a reality - FAST.

We can help you with everything from a logo for your new range or business, to labels to go on the products themselves. 

We can design the labels for you - let us worry about all aspects of design, formatting and legal compliance - or you can create your own artwork and submit it to us for set up. Either way, for a small one-off fee you could have your very own range of branded supplements within a matter of days. Products that feature your logo, label designs, product names and contact details. 

Your labels go on our market-ready products and to the outside world you have a range of products that is totally unique to your business. 

This "private label" option offers a number of important advantages, including higher profit margins, higher re-order rates and a brand that is all your own. Click here to find out more about getting your own personalised labels and product branding.

3. We can build you a ready-to-trade website

The easiest and quickest way to access the largest audience of potential customers and start making sales is to get selling online, through your own branded e-commerce supplements website. An online presence also helps to "future proof" your income, as it can't be affected by (for example) future lockdown scenarios and the like. 

Building a supplements website can be tricky and time-consuming, and paying someone else to do it for you can be expensive. 

So let us do it for you, quickly and at a price you can afford!

Who better to build your health supplements website, than the people who make the products? Our intimate knowledge of the product range and associated health supplements regulations means that we can build you a website that is optimised to the industry and your target market, as well as legally sound. 

It will come personalised with your branding, pre-loaded with descriptions and high-quality images of your products and linked to payment gateways - ready to get selling. 

Following handover, the website is entirely yours to do with as you wish. You can edit it, add other non-Specialist Supplements products etc. You have complete control and ownership of it going forwards. 

We build the website on the WordPress platform, which is very user-friendly and easy to manage - perfect for experts and beginners alike!

Click here to find out more about getting a ready-to-go supplements website.

4. We can handle your order fulfilment - for FREE!

While everyone's main aim is to make as many sales as possible, the prospect of dealing with the logistics of order fulfilment on a daily basis can be daunting. Especially for those new to the industry, start-ups, those fitting this venture around existing work or family commitments etc. 

It involves many, if not all, of the following considerations:

  • buying stock upfront and in bulk (which requires a budget and good cash flow)
  • storing stock (including ensuring you have the space and required conditions to do this)
  • keeping inventory
  • taking the risk on shelf life
  • labelling products
  • picking and packing orders
  • posting.

​This is a lot of work and will, in many cases, involve having to hire staff to support you. 

Or, you could just let us handle it all for you, for free!

Sound to good to be true? It's not! We offer this fast, efficient, reliable and convenient service to all of our re-sellers at no extra cost. We do not charge an admin fee for doing it. 

You sell, we ship - it's as simple as that. 

When you get an order, you log into your trade account with us and place the corresponding order for the products. We then ship them directly to your customer and they think it has come from you - all you pay is the postage, as if you were sending the order out yourself. 

No Specialist Supplements branding or literature is included with the order and you even have the option to include personalised delivery notes for a small fee. These would be branded with your logo and gives you the option to include messages to your customer (e.g. a discount code off the next order). 

Known as "dropshipping" or "direct dispatch", this order fulfilment solution offers our re-sellers incredible flexibility. Not only does it save you both time and money, it allows you to focus on core income-generating activities rather than logistics. What's more, this "call off" method of placing orders with us is great for cash flow. You are only paying for our wholesale products when you have taken funds from your own customers. 

Click here to find out more about our no-fee dropship service. 

5. We can provide you with tailored affordable marketing services

Everyone knows that marketing is key to making any new business a success and keeping it growing. However, marketing campaigns can be costly and will usually involve industry expertise, and some element of design work. For example, designing web banners, social media assets, posters, catalogues, flyers etc. 

Without specialist design software, in-depth product knowledge and/or the budget to outsource the work to third party experts, it can be difficult to implement regular and long-term marketing campaigns. 

This is why we exclusively offer our re-sellers affordable marketing services that make it easier to achieve this. 

We have a dedicated in-house Marketing & Design team that is not only expert in terms of product knowledge, but can also advise you on the legalities around health supplement marketing and advertising specifically. 

We keep our prices low to help our customer sell more. We can assist you with the design of everything from your company logo and stationary, to web banners, social media banners, product catalogues and much more. We can even provide you with relevant content for your website, to help you with SEO. 

Click here to find out more about our tailored marketing services, specifically framed for the health supplements market.

And there you have it...

As promised, everything you need to get a supplements business up and running FAST - and all under one roof from a single supplier. 

We have structured this incredible business opportunity to provide entrepreneurs with the greatest flexibility. Pick and choose how you want to start and the rate at which you want to start. 

For example, you have a number of options. You can sell under our Specialist Supplements branding, or your own. You can have us build you a website, or you can build one yourself. You can buy products from us in bulk and handle your own order fulfilment, or you can use our no-fee dropshipping service and take advantage of our no minimum order policy. It is entirely up to you.

However, if you want it all in one easy bundle, we even do that. Our "Start a Business PACK" offers just this - it's the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to start your very own supplements business GUARANTEED! 

Trust an industry expert to help guide you. We have been trading for over 25 years and have streamlined these processes to help get you selling in the shortest amount of time. 

Create a trade account now to get started. We look forward to working with you.