Wholesale supplements UK

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Wholesale supplements UK

Wholesale supplements supplier - UK

Welcome to the wholesale division of Specialist Supplements Ltd - a supplier of specialist, quality-assured health foods, food supplements and herbal formulations to trade customers in the UK and abroad for over two decades.

We have a comprehensive range of products to suit virtually any retail market, all ready-formulated, packaged and ready to get selling, under our branding or your own. If required, we can also assist with custom formulations.

So whether you are an established business in the natural health sector, such as a gym, personal trainer, practitioner or shop owner, or an entrepreneur looking to enter this lucrative market with a new venture, we are the wholesale supplement suppliers for you.

With our decades of industry experience, we supply thousands of trade customers worldwide, of all sizes and from a variety of backgrounds. You can rest assured that we are experts in all aspects of supplement manufacture and distribution, in both a trade and retail context.

We are also a full-service company, making it easy for you to get selling in as short a time as possible. Whether you need help setting up your own ready-to-go ecommerce website, marketing your products or handling the logistics of order fulfilment, we are here to help.

We have a number of tailored in-house services, either provided free of charge or at a very low price to support the growth and success of your business. By keeping all aspects of your wholesale supplement needs with one supplier, you cut costs, maintain quality and continuity and save time.

We are one of the only wholesale supplement suppliers in the UK to have a no minimum orders policy, and to provide a dropshipping service (direct dispatch) free of charge.

Open an account with us today, for free and without commitment, and we'll have you up and running in no time. You can browse the public pages of this website for summary information about how we work, our products and services. However, once registered, you will be granted full access to detailed product specifications, trade prices and other resources for members only.

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