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Private label explained

If you are new to the health supplements industry or thinking about starting your own supplements business or range of supplements, you might not be too clear on the meaning of "private label". This is an invaluable option to help you earn extra income and boost profits, so here is our quick starter guide...

Private label products or services are basically those manufactured or provided by one company (us, your wholesaler), for offer under another company's branding (yours, the trade customer). Private label is also often referred to as "white label" (because the pots start off white and unlabelled) and "own label" - these are all the same thing.

Our private label service

In the context of the specific private label service that we offer, you purchase the products at our competitive wholesale prices (whether in bulk or one product at a time - we have no minimum orders), and then re-sell them under your own personalised product labels.

For a small one-off fee, our in-house design team will use the information you provide to create your private labels, i.e. featuring your company name, logo, contact details, colour scheme and unique product names (optional). If you need them, we can even generate images of your products for you, to display on your website or in marketing materials, such as product posters, catalogues etc.

And, hey presto, you have your very own range of supplements! And all this without having to spend a penny on product formulation and testing, or minimum manufacturer runs (which can run into the £00,000s). Take advantage of our:

  • nutritionists' expertise to access a comprehensive and specialist range of tried and tested products that you can call your own
  • established contacts with suppliers, to benefit from the best prices and best value for money.

A great income opportunity

You will be hard-pushed to find a better income opportunity, in terms of the low level of financial outlay and risk involved. By registering as a trade customer (for FREE) and setting up your own labels with us, you will have everything you need to get your new supplements business up and running - including, most importantly, a high quality range of products at great prices, which offer excellent profit margins on resale.

Our 'no minimum order' policy and the fact that we don't charge a monthly fee or fee per item sold (unlike most other private label supplement suppliers), means that you can manage your cashflow in line with your product sales. No need to purchase stock in advance of sales or lay out huge amounts of money on storage space, staff and premises if you don't want to.

Any why not take advantage of our no-fee dropship service? We can ship your private label product orders directly to your customers, free of charge! All you pay is a small postage fee, dependent on weight, destination etc. Unlike most other private label supplement suppliers, we do not charge for applying your labels to dropship orders or for providing this direct dispatch service. Not only does this convenient, fast and reliable service save you time and money, it also takes the hassle out of order fulfillment for you! All you have to do is concentrate on selling the products; no stock storage, inventory, product labelling, packing or posting for you - we do all that for you. No Specialist Supplements literature is included in the orders and so your customers think the packages have come straight from you - simple!

Get started!

So, what are you waiting for? Register today for FREE to become a trade customer.

Setting up your own private labels is a quick and easy process and you will have your very own range of health foods and supplements before you know it. Set your own retail prices without fears over same-brand price comparisons and enjoy higher profit margins, while ensuring customer loyalty to your business and brand.

We look forward to working with you. And don't forget to connect to us on LinkedIn and for regular trade updates!

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