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Our combination beetroot and cherry capsules - CherryBeet!

The most recent addition to our specialist product range of wholesale supplements is CherryBeet - a unique combination of beetroot extract (10:1) and beetroot powder, with Montmorency cherry extract (10:1) and Montmorency cherry powder. This antioxidant-rich food supplement is highly concentrated - 4500mg per capsule!

Why we have included the beetroot...
Beetroot capsules have soared in popularity as a dietary supplement in recent years. This is in no small part due to the publicity beetroot received after a study conducted by scientists at Exeter University showed that cyclists who drank a half-litre of beetroot juice several hours before setting off were able to ride up to 16% longer than those who drank a placebo blackcurrant juice.

This was largely attributed to the exceptionally high levels of dietary nitrate found in beetroot, which is said to lead to a reduction in oxygen uptake in the body, thereby increasing stamina and making exercise less tiring. A number of studies have subsequently demonstrated the positive effects that beetroot can have on sporting performance and muscle growth.

Beetroot is now widely considered to be a 'superfood' because of its high nutritional value. It is a rich source of carbohydrates, protein and antioxidants and is also incredibly rich in a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients (such as magnesium, manganese, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, soluble fibre, calcium, iron, vitamins A, B and C, folic acid, carotenoids and flavonoids). This combination of nutrients makes it an effective weapon against infection, which may also have a beneficial effect on blood pressure and the heart.

It has a very low caloric value, is almost entirely free of fat and has a low glycaemic load (the sugar conversion process is extremely slow and allows for a stabilisation of sugar levels in the blood).

Several studies have also shown that betaine (another nutrient found in beetroot) may protect against liver disease - particularly the build-up of fatty deposits in the liver caused by alcohol abuse, protein deficiency or diabetes, among other causes. Similarly, it can help to detox the liver, having a knock-on effect for the bloodstream, by helping the body to better eliminate toxins.

Beetroot is naturally rich in alkaline elements and is a great addition to body detox and cleansing programmes.

Why we have included the cherry...
As with beetroot, Montmorency cherries (also referred to as sour cherries) have enjoyed recent attention as a new and exciting superfood in the natural health industry, particularly amongst athletes.

These cherries are also exceptionally rich in nutrients, particularly antioxidants. Latest research shows that they have high ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) values - in fact, you would have to eat more than 20 average portions of other fruit and vegetables to get the same amount of antioxidants as you get in one portion of Montmorency cherries!

In particular, they are one of the few natural food sources of:

  • melatonin (which supports the body's circadian rhythms and sleep cycles)
  • Superoxide Dismutases, a class of compounds which act as super scavengers of free radicals.

Montmorency cherries also contain potent phyto-nutrients, including anthocyanins (natural pigments) and other phenolic and flavanoid compounds. Anthocyanins help to support, amongst other things, healthy joint function, mobility, flexibility and lower levels of inflammation.

While you can find Montmorency cherry capsules and active beetroot capsules on the market, CherryBeet offers both of these superfoods in one convenient, easy-to-take capsule. What's more, the combination formula is highly concentrated (4500mg per capsule), offers great value for money and increased efficacy. The capsules are also in natural food state for maximum absorption and utilisation by the body - all great USPs for our re-sellers!

Your potential market

Due to their high nutrient density, these vegan combination cherry and beetroot capsules are beneficial for a wide range of individuals, with a variety of health goals. For instance, they support:

  • athletic performance
  • antioxidant levels
  • iron levels
  • nutrient intake (and therefore immunity)
  • heart health
  • healthy cholesterol levels
  • stamina and energy levels
  • detox (liver, kidneys, spleen and gallbladder)
  • body alkalising
  • tissue growth
  • healthy joints and muscle function
  • lower levels of linflammation
  • muscle recovery
  • healthy uric acid levels in the body
  • healthy brain function
  • restful sleep
  • stable blood sugar levels
  • and more.

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