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Quality-assured wholesale supplements made in the UK

As the UK’s premium private label health supplements supplier and dropshipper, we are ideally placed to provide you with quality-assured market-ready products for resale, in the UK and around the world.

Trading since 1995, we supply thousands of satisfied trade customers and are a company you can trust. Quality of products is a priority for us and we source only the higest grade ingredients, from trusted suppliers. Our products are manufactured in the UK under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001 standards. Our organic range is Soil Association certified.

Our products

We sell a wide range of high quality wholesale food supplements, natural health foods and herbal formulas to practitioners and other trade customers from a variety of backgrounds and industries.

Whatever your target market, our products will be able to accommodate it. We can provide you with cutting-edge supplements, able to meet trending consumer demand and reflecting the latest in nutritional findings - meaning that the vast majority of our products are backed by science with EFSA approved health claims. This is essential for marketing purposes.

We specialise in the in-house formulation of unique combination products, which offer a comprehensive blend of ingredients that can’t readily be matched by competitors or found on the high street. We also pride ourselves on catering to lucrative and booming "lifestyle markets", such as vegan, vegetarian, organic, kosher and "free from".

The combination of high quality products and competitive trade pricing (including a scaled discount structure for bulk orders, good profit margins and no minimum orders) means that we offer great value for money and a flexible business solution, helping to ensure that both you and your customers receive only the best.

Everything you need to build your own health supplements business

We are unique as a supplements supplier in that we are able to offer our customers a complete solution to their own label wholesale supplement needs - all under one roof. Deal with just one supplier to create or expand your own supplements business.

Not only do we supply the products, we can also handle your branding, fulfilment, website design and build and ongoing marketing - all at affordable prices.

Find out what makes Specialist Supplements Ltd the UK’s most knowledgeable supplier of wholesale private label / own brand health supplements.

Our products are available for re-sale under your own label (or our label) and can be purchased in bulk or dropshipped by us direct to your customers - we have no minimum orders.

About us

The Specialist Supplements way - quality is our priority

For over two decades, we have been firmly focussed on providing our customers with high quality products at competitive prices. These values remain unchanged - we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and are very careful in the selection of our ingredients and suppliers. With years' of industry experience, we are the perfect supplier to help you realise your goals in the health supplements market.

Our partners

We supply a wide range of trade customers across the world, including alternative health / complementary medicine practitioners, colonic hydrotherapists, independent health shops, naturopaths, herbalists, nutritionists, web stores, home businesses, online retailers, fitness and boot camps, detox clinics, weekend relaxation retreats and other re-sellers. We also work in partnership with CLF Distribution and The Natural Dispensary.

Look no further for your wholesale supplements supplier

Specialist Supplements can be your one-stop-shop for wholesale supplements and related business needs.

Unlike most other wholesalers, we have the knowledge and capacity to manage your project from start to finish. Our expert team has extensive knowledge of product development, marketing in the industry and the legalities relating to both.

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