Supplements dropship UK

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Supplements dropship UK

How do I start a supplements dropshipping business?

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a leading UK wholesaler and dropshipper of UK-made, quality assured and market-ready health foods, vitamins and supplements.

With our help and industry expertise, it could not be simpler or easier to set up your own supplements dropshipping business.

It is as simple as creating a trade account with us. Once approved (normally within 24 hours), you are ready to get started.

There are no contracts or commitments, no minimum orders and no charge to use our dropshipping service.

* Market-ready supplements range * Private label option * No-fee dropship service * Fast turnaround * No MOQs * Reliable service

How does it work?

Once you have created a trade account with us, you have immediate access to our free dropship service.

We have an extensive range of market-ready supplements to re-sell, including:

  • immunity complexes
  • practitioner-strenght probiotics
  • antioxidants
  • vegan supplements
  • Soil Association organic supplements
  • protein powders
  • meal replacements
  • superfoods
  • digestive aids / dietary fibre blends / colon cleansers
  • herbal supplements
  • nootropics
  • weight loss supplements / natural slimming pills
  • Omega oils
  • muscle mass supplements
  • cleanse and detox supplements
  • and much more.

STEP 1: Pick the supplements you wish to re-sell.

STEP 2: Decide if you want to re-sell our wholesale supplements under our Specialist Supplements Ltd branding or your own branding (the private label option).

STEP 3: Get selling!

The supplements dropship process...

Our dropshipping service is so quick and easy to use. There is no set up process, you simply register and get selling. 

You market and sell our supplements. Once you make a sale, you place the corresponding order with us via your trade account. We then dispatch the order for you, and send it directly to your customer. That's it - quick and easy. We can dropship orders worldwide, to any country.

We don't charge our dropship customers an administration fees for using our dropshipping service. All you pay is the postage, as if you were sending the items out yourself.

Your customer will think that you have posted the items. There is no mention of Specialist Supplements anywhere on the packaging or paperwork (unless of course you are selling our products under our branding) - so your customer loyalty is protected.

You even have the option to include personalised delivery notes and order messages.

There are no minimum orders to use the dropshipping service - you can send out as few as one product at a time.

With over 2 decades' of industry experience, our supplements dropship service is also one of the most efficient around! Your order could be shipped the same day, but it is normally within 1 to 2 business days (depending on when the order is placed, size of order etc).

With Specialist Supplements Ltd as your supplements dropshipper, you can rest assured that the service you receive will be fast, efficient and reliable.

This protects your brand and helps to promote repeat business.

Should you need it, we are able to ship to Amazon FBA (Amazon's fulfilment / shipping service). As we are also an FDA registered facility, we are able to ship and clear bulk orders (over 2kg, shipped via courier) and Amazon FBA orders to the USA and Canada.

Dropshipping private label supplements...

If you want to re-sell our supplements under your own branding, that is no problem. We have a dedicated in-house "own label" team, who will help you to design and/or set up your own personalised labels to be applied to our products. Again, setting up your own private label supplements with us is a quick and easy process that can take as little as a few days. Set-up is done for a small, one-off fee and label printing is free for the life of your account.

There is no extra charge for dropshipping private label products.

During the checkout process, you simply let us know that you have your own labels and we apply them for you for free. There are still no minimum orders.

Having your own private labels has a number of advantages as a re-seller and is the option that most of our customers go for. For example:

  • A product range is unique to you
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Builds your brand
  • Offers bigger profit margins (as it's harder to make direct price comparisons).

There are many more reasons you might want to have your own branded range of products. Click here to find out more...

Start your supplements dropship business!

Why wait? Create your trade account now to get started immediately.