Manufacturing custom supplements

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Custom supplements UK

Create your own custom supplements

So you want to create your very own custom supplements formula?

Perhaps that's because you have a particular target market in mind, are looking to incorporate a particular combination of ingredients, or don't see what you are looking for in our comprehensive market-ready range.

The supplements industry is highly competitive, so creating a bespoke formula can be a great way to stand out from competitors.

Our products are already highly specialist, with blended ingredient combinations that you won't easily find elsewhere. But if you have something specific in mind, we can quote to help you complete the formula, get it manufactured and bring it to market (including packaging, branding and marketing).

But creating a custom formula can be a time-consuming, complex and costly process. So, if this is not something you have experience in, it is important to i) first find out if a custom formula is really the best solution for your business, and then ii) if it is, choose the right partner to help guide you through the process.

Choosing the right partner

Specialist Supplements Ltd is the ideal partner in your custom supplement venture.

Trading for a quarter of a century, we are experts in all aspects of the supplements business - from sourcing quality ingredients, formulating products that work and the UK manufacturing process, to packaging, branding and marketing.

We are a leading UK supplements wholesaler, private label supplier and dropshipper.

We offer all these products and services under one roof, as a full service company offering solutions to all your wholesale supplement business needs.

Our in-house experts can guide and advise you on product formulations and regulatory matters (relating to ingredients and labelling etc). Plus, you can take advantage of our well-established supply chain, to enjoy economies of scale, save money and access trusted and reliable suppliers. 

Private label option or custom formula?

Whether you are looking for gummies, probiotics, apple cider vinegar capsules, CBD supplements or any other ingredient or supplement combination, we can help.

But before you embark on the custom supplement formula route, it is worth considering if we have an existing product in our range that might serve your purposes instead. Why?

We offer resellers of our wholesale supplements the option to sell under their own branding - the private label option.

This essentially gives you a product that is uniquely yours and is difficult for customers to compare, both in terms of price and ingredients. Unless you are looking for a very specific formula or combination of ingredients, the private label option achieves the same result - a product unique to your company - with far less effort and outlay. If you are just starting out in the supplements industry, own label products are a great way to get your feet wet with little (if any) risk.

Similarly, if you are unsure of the specifics of your custom supplement (e.g. exactly what ingredients you want to include for greatest efficacy), while we can of course advise you, re-branding one of our private label products is an ideal alternative, because all that work is done for you.

Our products are based on tried and tested formulas that produce the required results. They are also formulated in a way that allows for EFSA approved health claims, reflects the latest in nutritional findings and innovations and includes "on trend" ingredients.

On the other hand, if you know:

  • exactly which ingredients you want to include in your formula
  • how much of each ingredient you want to include
  • how many servings per container you want
  • how many units you want
  • what type of supplement you want to create
  • which market you wish to target
  • which country you wish to sell in
  • what type of packaging you want to use
  • you have the funds to at least purchase the minimum order quantity,

then a custom supplement formula may be for you.

Click here to find out more about how we can help you with that and then create an account to get in touch.