Wholesale chocolate meal shake

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Wholesale chocolate meal shake

Wholesale meal shake and protein powder supplier

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a supplier of UK-manufactured GMP wholesale meal shakes and protein powders, free from the added 'nasties' (such as GMOs, artificial flavourings, sweeteners, added sugar, preservatives, hexane and other toxic chemicals) so often found in this kind of product.

We make great efforts to source the highest quality ingredients and formulate our own specialist in-house blends that can't readily be matched on the high-street. What's more, we usually fortify our wholesale meal shakes and protein powders with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients (such as dietary fibre), which boost the efficacy of the products and improve outcomes for end-users. In many cases, our supplements also have EFSA approved (and therefore scientifically validated) health claims.

We are called Specialist Supplements for a reason - our products (and specifically our Meal Shakes range) cater to a number of lucrative niche markets (including vegetarian, vegan, organic, kosher and 'free from'), as well as having mass market appeal.

We are unique as wholesale meal shake and protein powder suppliers, in that we have no minimum orders. This provides great flexibility for our resellers in terms of stock purchasing and cash flow, and makes us an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes, including start-ups.

Our trade prices are competitive, with good profit margins on resale. We also offer a generous scaled discount structure.

For full details and to get started, create a trade account with us now. It is a free, quick and easy process - simply complete an online form. Once approved, you will then have full access to all product information, trade prices and reseller resources. Alternatively, read on to find out a little bit more about our wholesale chocolate meal shake.

About our wholesale chocolate meal shake

MEALtime (Chocolate Flavour) is a dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan meal shake and protein powder (non-GM soya isolate protein) that has been fortified with vitamins and minerals.

High in protein (71.5g per 100g), low in fat (0.4g saturated fat per 100g) and with no artificial flavours or sweeteners, this chocolate flavoured daily shake is also a good source of dietary fibre from psyllium husks.

Tasty and filling, MEALtime (Chocolate Flavour) makes for the ideal in-between meals shake. It is also a great flavour for slimmers, particularly in the early stages of a weight loss programme when cravings for chocolate can be at their worst - only 88 calories per serving!

Also available in vanilla flavour and chocolate and mint flavour.

Product ingredients: Soya Protein Isolate; Carrier: Maltodextrin; Organic Cocoa Powder; Natural Flavouring: Chocolate flavour; Psyllium Husk; Natural Sweetener: Stevia; Guar Gum; Citric Acid; Anti-Caking Agent: Tri-Calcium Phosphate; Vitamin & Mineral Blend: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Niacin (B3), Pyridoxine Hcl (B6), Folic Acid (B9), Cyanocobalamine, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Magnesium Oxide, Iron Bisglycinate, Zinc Gluconate, Potassium iodide.

MEALtime (Chocolate Flavour) can be purchased in bulk or on an individual basis - there are no minimum orders. For full information and trade prices, register now.

Wholesale chocolate meal shake

Private label / white label chocolate meal shake

As a wholesaler of meal shakes and protein powders, we also offer our resellers the option to feature their own labels on our products, rather than selling under our Specialist Supplements Ltd brand.

Our pots can be supplied 'white label' (i.e. just the unlabelled white pots, ready for you to label yourself), or 'private label'  (i.e. with your own personalised labels featuring your logo / company name, product names, design, contact details etc) ready to get selling.

The ability to sell under your own branding is a benefit valued by the vast majority of our resellers, as it allows you to establish your own unique product range, which protects your customer loyalty and allows you to resell our products at a price set by you without concerns over direct same-brand price comparisons.

For ease and convenience, we offer this Own Label service in-house (another unique aspect of our service offering), so that you need only deal with one supplier for all of your wholesale supplement needs. For a small one-off fee, we will set-up and print all of your product labels for orders placed with us.

There are still no minimum order quantities for private label / white label product orders.

Alternatively, if you are not interested in setting up your own brand, you can of course sell under our Specialist Supplements Ltd branding.

Private label chocolate meal shake

Chocolate meal shake dropshipper

If you are not sure how you would handle the logistics of posting out orders for your chocolate meal shakes (and any other wholesale supplements you buy from us), consider our no-fee dropshipping service - the ideal solution if you are looking for hassle-free, fast, efficient and reliable fulfillment.

We hold the stock for you and handle all aspects of picking, labelling, packing and posting. You provide us with your order details (including your customer's address) and we dispatch direct to them. The customer receives their order and is unaware that it wasn't posted out by you.

This convenient in-house direct dispatch service is automatically available to all of our trade customers following registration and, unlike most other supplements wholesalers and dropshippers, we do not charge an admin fee for providing it. All you pay is the postage, as if you were posting the products out yourself.

Again, there are no minimum orders when you use our dropship service; we can post out as few as one item for you at a time. We can even dropship private label products at no extra charge.

Click here to find out more about how dropshipping works.

Chocolate meal shake dropshipper

How to buy from us

To purchase our products and make use of our services, you will need to create a trade account with us online. It is FREE, quick and easy and there are no contracts or obligations - you have complete flexibility to buy as few or as many products as you wish, as well as to use any or all of our services.

Account activation normally takes around 24 hours. Once approved, you will have access to the members-only areas of this site, including full product specifications and trade prices, and can get selling immediately. We also supply our registered trade customers with a number of free resources to help boost sales (including marketing materials like posters).

In the meantime, to review a summary of the products in our range, click here.