White label health supplements

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White label supplements


White label / private label supplement manufacturer and wholesaler

Off-the-shelf products, custom formulas, white label and private label services

With over 25 years' experience in the global health supplements industry, Specialist Supplements Ltd - a well-established UK-based white label supplement supplier - offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge, innovative private label products, organic health foods and herbal formulas to trade, backed by science with EFSA approved health claims.

Manufactured under quality assured standards (GMP and/or ISO), and based on latest research on consumer demand and nutritional findings conducted by our in-house R&D team, we place much emphasis on offering scientific validation as a key USP in our product development strategy.

As a re-seller of our wholesale supplements, you will have a choice of specialist ready-to-sell, off-the-shelf products. Alternatively, we can assist you with custom formulas for gummies, capsules, powders, liquids, tablets, softgels etc. In both instances, you can brand the products as your own - the white label / private label option. 

Seize your share of the global health supplements market NOW

The global supplements market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.2% from 2021 to 2028 to reach USD 505.4 billion by 2028.

The rise in consumer awareness related to health and fitness (particularly in the wake of the COVID pandemic) further propels this demand, with no signs of abatement.

Specialist Supplements Ltd is the only white label supplement specialist in the UK, who can boast:

  • an off-the-shelf range of UK-made, quality assured products ready to get selling immediately AND
  • ​a range formulated in-house with premium quality natural ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers AND
  • a long history in the industry, with a well-established reputation AND
  • excellent customer service (reflected by current 5-star customer reviews) AND
  • no minimum product orders AND
  • an in-house private label team AND
  • a no-fee in-house dropshipping service (free order fulfilment) AND
  • a host of other tailored add-on services provided by dedicated in-house teams (including website build, SEO services, marketing and design etc) - all under one roof. 

Specialist Supplements is a full service company, able to meet all of your supplement business needs under one roof. Deal with just one supplier to save time, maximise profits and build a long-lasting, successful business FAST. 

We are the ideal supplier to partner with, to seize your share of the global supplement market.

Private label supplements, health foods, herbals and vitamins

How white label / private label supplements work - 5 easy steps

Our white label / private label supplements service is designed to allow our trade customers to re-sell our products under their own branding.

The service we offer is unique because:

  • we provide it in-house through a dedicated Own Label team (no outsourcing to third party suppliers, where quality can suffer, errors can occur and turnaround time is very slow).
  • we can have your labels set up in just a few days - our "Own Label" service is FAST.
  • our business model offers re-sellers an affordable means to create their own personal range of products - just a small, one-off setup fee for private label supplements.
  • we have no minimum orders! Once your personalised labels have been set up, you can place as few as one private label order at a time.

We challenge you to find another UK-based supplier who can provide you with your own unique range of supplements in such a short space of time, coupled with both excellent customer service, attractive designs and product ingredient quality.

We will guide you through the straight-forward label setup process, step-by-step - it’s very simple, as we do most of the work!

In summary, it works like this:

1. You purchase an Own Label setup package.
2. You choose a design or supply your own artwork.
3. You complete a brief Questionnaire.
4. We design your labels (or set up your artwork). 
5. You are ready to get selling!

Simple as that. 

Manufacture white label supplements for a variety of health goals

Specialist Supplements Ltd is experienced to manufacture white label / private label nutritional and dietary supplements, with dedicated in-house nutritionists. 

We specialise in multiple-ingredient encapsulated and powder formulations (including free-from, Soil Association organic, halal, vegan and vegetarian), herbal formulas, plant-based protein powders and health foods. 

We pride ourselves on offering high quality encapsulated and powder food supplements to trade customers across the world.

We have a comprehensive range of products to support a variety of health goals and lifestyles - off-the-shelf and ready to get selling immediately.

You have none of the hassles, complexities or costs, associated with product formulation and manufacture (such as minimum runs and legal compliance issues). We have taken care of that for you.

Alternatively, have a specific formula in mind? We are able to assist with custom supplement formulations. We can quote to help you complete the formula and get it manufactured.

Our team can guide you through from initial formulation to product packaging.

The products can be supplied "white label" (unlabelled) or under your own personalised labels ("private label") or even, if you wish, under our Specialist Supplements Ltd branding. The choice is yours.

Get your white label supplements range started today

Fast setup; long-lasting success

Create a trade account now to get started with your own white label supplements range. 

Whether you are an established retailer looking to add to your lines or expand your offering, or an entrepreneur new to the industry, we offer an ideal business model along with (most importantly) excellent quality products. 

Our in-house services and exclusive trade resources make setting up your range and/or supplements business so quick and easy. Let us help you achieve your business goals. 

We look forward to working with you.