UK supplements exporter to Asia

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UK supplements exporter to Asia

Who we are

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a British company that has been trading for over 20 years in the wholesale health foods and food supplements sector, supplying hundreds of resellers, health practitioners and health stores both in the UK and abroad.

Our exports to Asia

With export licences in place, we are actively expanding into Asian markets and can export market-ready supplements to countries such as China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore and elsewhere. We can also assist you with custom formulations, should that be required.

We have experience in exporting supplements to Asia and can therefore help to make the process as quick, easy and streamlined as possible.

Our product range

We sell a comprehensive range of supplements, manufactured in the UK under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) / ISO standards with full traceability.

Our lines include wholesale probiotics (for both adults and children), organic superfood powders, protein shakes, meal shakes, weight loss formulas, digestive / bowel support products and much more.

We specialise in the in-house formulation of unique combination products, which offer a blend of ingredients that can’t easily be matched by competitors. We also pride ourselves on catering to lucrative and rapidly-expanding markets, such as vegan, vegetarian, organic and 'free from'.

Buying from us

Our products are available for re-sale under your own labels (the private label option) or our Specialist Supplements Ltd branded labels.

All products can be purchased in bulk, or individually dropshipped by us direct to your customers worldwide.

We have no minimum orders or cross-range restrictions.

To get started, register now. There are no sign-up fees, contracts or commitments. Once your account has been activated, you will have full access to all product information, including specifications, trade prices etc.

We look forward to working with you.