Own Label supplements UK

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Own label supplements UK

Established supplier

If you are looking to start or expand your own range of supplements, Specialist Supplements is an industry leader and expert in private label supply.

Trading for almost a quarter of a century, we specialise in helping resellers to re-brand our market-ready wholesale supplements as their own products.

We have a dedicated in-house team, who work with trade customers day in and day out, to help them realise their brand goals.

With our help, you can rest assured that your labels will look good and also be legally compliant (for example, in terms of ingredients listing etc).

We will guide you through the quick and easy setup process step by step, resulting in personalised labels that are unique to your company.

By dealing with just one supplier for both your wholesale supplements and branding needs, you save time and money and also benefit from our years of industry experience.

We handle:

  • wholesale supplements supply
  • label design (including compliance)
  • pot image generation (3D renders / images of your own label products to use on your website and marketing materials etc)
  • label printing (free for the life of your trade account with us)
  • label application (we will apply your labels to dropshipped items at no extra cost, see below)
  • order fulfilment (we can dispatch / dropship orders direct to your customers at no extra cost - all you pay is the postage, as if you were posting the items yourself).

Our products, your branding

For anyone looking to enter the supplements market as a retailer, or expand an existing range, the quickest, easiest and most affordable route is to re-brand ready-formulated products.

While we can certainly assist with custom supplement formulations, creating a supplement from scratch can be complex, costly and time-consuming.

We have a comprehensive range of ready-to-go health foods, herbal formulations and food supplements that you can choose from, to re-brand as your own unique products.

Whatever your target market or industry niche, we are likely to have the product(s) for you.

As part of Own Label setup, you will have the opportunity to choose your own product names, add your own contact details and design labels that are in line with your company branding and target market.

You can either choose from one of our attractive label design templates (which will be personalised with your details, colours, branding etc), or for a completely bespoke look, you can supply us with your own ready-to-use artwork.

And that's it... in a very short time you could have your own range of supplements.

Fast and affordable

We pride ourselves on offering an Own Label service that is excellent value for money, and fast and affordable to set up.

If you want to sell a product range of your own, but don't want to spend vast sums of money on minimum order runs at supplement manufactureres and/or graphic designers, our Own Label service is for you.

Within a matter of days, you could have your own unique range of supplements ready to get selling.

No need to worry about any of the logistical hassles or costs of bringing a product to market, no need to order stock in bulk or in advance of sales (unless you want to) and best of all, no minimum order quantities!

Our Own Label supplements setup service offers maximum flexibility at minimum cost.

Helping you realise your own range dreams

We have helped thousands of health practitioners and trade customers across the world to realise their dream of setting up their own branded range of supplements.

We challenge you to find an alternative supplier who will make the process quicker or easier for you, or offer you a more affordable setup price.

Create a trade account now, to find out more and get started!