Organic supplements for resale - a booming market...

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Wholesale organic health foods and supplements

Wholesale organic health foods and supplements

Join a booming industry...

If you are looking for a lucrative new revenue stream and/or to grow your income, now is the time to start selling organic certified health foods and supplements or, if you already have your own range, time to expand it.

According to the Soil Association (the UK’s largest organic certification body), and the findings of the 2017 Organic Market Report, the organic market is booming.

The Report reveals +7.1% growth of organic food and drink in the UK, while the non-organic market continues to decline. We are now in our fifth consecutive year of sales growth for organic products - the UK organic market alone is now worth £2.09 billion. Globally, it is worth US $81 billion.

The Report also takes a detailed look at the major reasons for this growth and the sales trends by each channel including supermarkets, independent retailers, home delivery and the foodservice sector. It highlights the continued consumer trend towards healthy eating and the current influences that are driving sales of organic generally. 

According to Clare McDermott, Business Development Director at Soil Association Certification...

"It’s a positive time for organic as it ticks lots of boxes for consumers. Organic is extremely relevant to trends towards, eating better food, knowing where your food comes from, avoiding pesticides or antibiotics and ‘free from’ diets. Increasingly, we’re seeing consumers choose organic as a shortcut to a healthy lifestyle and this will continue. Despite the uncertainty of Brexit for us all, it brings lots of opportunities too – particularly around export for British organic and more product innovation".

Organic supplements and health foods wholesaler

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a wholesale supplier and dropshipper of private label food supplements, herbal formulations, health foods, practitioner supplies, vitamins and minerals. Trading since 1995, we are a company you can trust, with a well-established reputation as one of the UK's leading names in the industry.

Within our comprehensive wholesale product offering is our Organic range, which includes food supplements, food-based powders / shakes, superfruits, superfoods, multi-nutrient blends and alkalising formulas. All of the products in our Organic range have been certified by the Soil Association and are also EU organic certified.

As a full-service company, we can meet all of your wholesale organic supplement needs under one roof!

Private label organic

Looking to start or expand your own branded range of organic products, stand out from your competitors and add prestige to your business? Try re-selling our organic products under your own personalised labels.

We have an in-house "Own Label" service and, for a small one-off fee, we can set up, design and print all of your personalised labels. We will even dropship Own Label orders at no extra cost! Click here to find out more about setting up private labels with us. Alternatively, you can re-sell our products under our Specialist Supplements' branding.

Organic supplements and health foods dropshipper

If you are looking to sell wholesale organic health foods and supplements, but don’t have the time or resources to manage your own order fulfilment, why not use our convenient no-fee dropship service?! It's the perfect solution for anyone who:

  • works on a mobile basis
  • has limited time and resources
  • has a second job
  • has limited space
  • would rather not purchase stock in bulk
  • or would simply rather spend time on core business activities.

It is also a great way for new resellers to test the waters of the organic market without having to lay out money on stock, envelopes, packaging materials etc - great for cash flow!

It works as a simple, fast, efficient and reliable direct dispatch service. In other words, we label, pack and post your orders directly to your customers and they think they've been shipped by you! We can even dropship orders using your own labels, if you choose to set up your own brand of supplements with us. We provide this dropshipping service free of charge (all you pay is the postage).

Click here to find out more about our dropshipping service. Alternatively, you can buy in bulk and ship the items out yourself.

Create a trade account now to get started

To get started as a reseller of our organic wholesale supplements and health foods (as well as any of our other products), create a trade account now.

It is a FREE, quick and easy process - simply complete our brief online form, telling us a little about yourself. Accounts are normally activated within 24 hours and you will then be granted access to full product information, trade prices, free resources and can get shopping.