Eco-friendly supplements wholesaler

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Eco-friendly supplements and packaging

Supplements supplier with an environmental conference...

Family-run and with a passion for nutrition at its heart, Specialist Supplements Ltd is a supplements wholesaler and dropshipper with an environmental conscience.

Fortunate enough to be based in the beautiful heart of Wales, we never take our environment for granted. Relying, as we do, on the power of Nature to heal, we believe it is our responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet as far as is reasonably possible.

To us, it makes complete sense for those of us providing organic and wholesome nutrition - including health foods, food supplements and herbals - to complete the cycle with an eco-friendly approach and packaging.

Going green...

To this end, we:

  • manufacture our products in the UK
  • opt for packaging with 100% recyclable pots and lids
  • aim for zero waste to landfill
  • reuse packing materials whenever possible
  • choose couriers that have a carbon neutral commitment
  • choose suppliers that use green energy wherever possible
  • are registered with the Soil Association (the UK's leading organic authority)
  • support veganism.

Protecting what's good...

Naturally, as a wholesaler that supplies health foods and supplements to retailers across the world (including many private label brands), our focus is on making sure our products are effective by using the highest quality ingredients.

But that is just the first step in the process. The second step is to ensure that we select packaging that maintains the quality and integrity of those nutritional ingredients.

For example, it is often necessary to protect the ingredients from UV and environmental exposure, and to incorporate tamper resistance. In particular, our 100% recyclable plastic pots and lids are food-safe, meaning that they will not leach harmful chemicals (like BPA, BPS, phthalatesetc) into the supplements or the environment.

While we would, of course, prefer not to use plastic at all, many of the realities (and legalities) of the supplements manufacture and fulfillment process make this impractical.

Having said that, our impact on the environment as a business is certainly a major concern for us, which is why we moved our capsule packaging over to flat pots some years ago. Unlike many other forms of supplement packaging, such as pouches (which may appear more eco-friendly), these pots can be recycled (as can our round pots).

The problem in not necessarily with the use of plastics, but the type of plastics used (recyclable or not) and the way customers and local authorities dispose or recycle them.

Our job is to reduce our impact wherever we can and our goal is to do our bit to help the environment and keep our little slice of British countryside alive and well for generations to come.