Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA


What Is Amazon FBA?

Amazon offers a wonderful service called FBA. It is set up for new customers who wish to launch a food supplement business using a private labelling wholesale supplier like Specialist Supplements Ltd (Trade & Practitioner Division).

Therefore, if you’re looking to build a profitable online organic foods and dietary supplement business that generates passive income for you, Amazon provides the opportunity for the start-up business.

If you're in the process of growing your online retail business then consider Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) as an alternative to traditional methods of distribution, if you are not using a dropship service like we offer. To get a feel for how Amazon FBA might benefit you, think of this scenario.

You have researched your wholesale products, sourced them from reliable suppliers, and are in a position to list a number of hot items on Amazon. Your business has steadily gaining momentum and is progressing to new levels.


How Can Amazon FBA Help You?

The FBA service can help you as a seller to reach more customers and make more sales.

The benefits of using their FBA service includes faster delivery by Prime delivery as well as acquiring easier selling options across the whole of Europe and the EU. This service is called the  European Fulfilment Network (EFN). 
By reaching more customers, you will ultimately make more money from increased sales.

They require you to ship your products / food supplements to their warehouses and they will take care of all the mundane tasks such as storage of the products, delivery to customers, customer service, answering queries and handling complaints and returns.

Amazon FBA takes the workload off your shoulders, much like our dropshipping service. Giving you time to work on your product marketing to promotion and  grow your business and sales.

Registering with Amazon FBA
When you initially register with Amazon FBA, you will need to provide them with a copy of your business' sales information. This is a very important step and you will be required to keep it updated. They will not, however, be able to give you any advice or suggestions concerning your business' future growth. There are many factors which can impact your sales and profitability, therefore Amazon FBA will not be able to provide you with a complete picture.


The Next Step Is Setting Up Your Own Branding

You will need to create your own brand of products before being able to create an Amazon account and have them listed.

Our Own Label supplements service is cheap, fast and professional. Once we have approved your trade account, you will be able to purchase the white label service. Our design team can customise the labels with the colours of your choice, your logo and basically all aspects of the label.
This will make your products unique to your business.
Labels are printed off on a per order basis so there are no upfront label costs for you.


Selecting Products To Sell On Amazon FBA

We hold a wide range of off the shelf products in our warehouse, which cover many categories including antioxidants, alkalising products, colon cleansers, detox herbal combinations, dairy free diet foods, digestive enzymes and probiotics, anti-candida and parasite herbs, gluten free health foods, heart supplements, immune system and immunity products, enema kits, kosher approved supplements, protein shakes, organic superfoods, vegetarian and vegan health foods to mention a few.

Our own label service will create your bespoke white labels for all our products. This means you can sell every product we hold in stock, and the best part of this is that you don't have to spend any money on stock. You only need to buy products when you have a sale on Amazon on any other platforms you sell on.


We Ship Direct To Amazon FBA

Once you Amazon seller account has been approved, you have created your seller listings and they request stock from you, simply log into your trade account with us, place an order and in the Ship To address details, add in the Amazon Warehouse address. Amazon will give you the details and locations of where to send your inventory.

We will pick, label the products with your own labels, pack and ship the order direct to Amazon for you.
Its that easy with us.

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We can ship your supplement orders direct to Amazon FBA.