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What you get

With Trade Member PLUS you get access to all the free resources available to you as a regular trade customer, PLUS a range of exclusive discounts, resources and tools - all designed to save you time and money, help increase sales and boost your income.

If you are serious about making your supplements business a success, this is a must-join service!

Find out more about what is included below, or sign up now (you first need to be a registered customer).

Get 17% off all product orders*, no matter how small! No need to buy in bulk to benefit from this fantastic discount - ideal for dropshippers, but great for all customers. To access a 15% discount via our scaled discount structure, you would normally have to spend £900. With TMP, you get 17% off by ordering as few as one product.

*Please note: this discount will not be applied in addition to any existing discount you have.


When it comes to achieving high search engine rankings and driving more traffic to your website, content is king. As part of your monthly membership, we will supply you with x4 high quality, keyword-rich and search engine friendly articles related to supplements and the natural health industry, at a rate of 1 article per week (for a maximum period of a year). What's more, the articles will be AUTOMATICALLY posted to your website blog for you, through our bespoke Articles AUTO-Submitter service! A huge time-saver, and what could be simpler? New, relevant and regular web page content for your blogs is taken care of.


The key to long-term business success and higher sales lies in the continual marketing of your products and services, to attract new customers and retain existing ones. This can be expensive.

You will get an exclusive and unlimited 25% off discount code to use against any of our marketing services*, which include posters, catalogues, web banners, videos and more!

*Please note: the discount cannot be used against website or Own Label setup purchases.


Personalise your dropship order delivery notes with your contact details and a logo or image, and add messages to every customer, with this fantastic service! A great marketing tool to increase your sales and income, as it enables direct after-sales contact with your customers. Click here to find out more about this service.


Is Trade Member PLUS for me?

Registering as a trade customer is free and gives you access to a wide range of resources.

However, for those who want more from their account, we have created Trade Member PLUS - an optional monthly membership scheme designed to save you money, help maximise sales and boost your income through exclusive discounts, time-saving tools, relevant web page content and discounted promotional materials.

You get all these benefits for just £18.50 per month, which is essentially paid off when you place orders for ONLY around £100 in a month!

It is therefore ideal:

  If you want to save money

  If you are looking to increase sales

  If you are serious about boosting your income​

  If you are new to the industry

  If you are short on time

  If you struggle to write content

  If you have a small marketing budget

  If you want a higher ranking website

  If you want to attract new customers​

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Remember, you first need to be a registered trade customer.


Content is king!

Why is content important?

Want better search engine rankings and increased sales? Think content for SEO (search engine optimisation)!

Matt Cutts of Google has repeatedly said that regular, quality content is key to Google rankings, and Bing’s Duane Forrester reminded webmasters that “all SEO ranking signals revolve around content of some kind”.

High-quality, search-friendly content enables online retailers to populate their sites with relevant keywords and valuable information for visitors - and both are important to search success and getting customers to your website.

But not everyone has the time, inclination or expertise to write high quality, relevant web page content on a regular basis.

That's where Trade Member PLUS comes in!


Don’t take our word for it...

Watch this short video by Matt Cutts from Google, discussing why regularly adding quality content to your website is now so important for rankings.

He explains that when there are very few links to a website (particularly when it is new), the search engine determines the site’s ranking based almost entirely on page content. The higher the quality, the more trustworthy and authoritative the site becomes in Google’s eyes over time.


Content creation is effective for SEO

Marketers say content works!

The power of content in terms of website success is clear, as 92% of marketers cite this as being highly effective for SEO.

However, website owners should take note that not just any content will boost search performance - especially given the most recent Google updates. It needs to be regular, relevant and high quality content. This makes your site visible in search engines, but perhaps more importantly for website owners, it influences purchase decisions.


What can I do with the content you give me?

Whatever you want! It is automatically posted to your site's blog, but why not also use the text in your email newsletters or in your advertising materials?

For maximum SEO effect, personalise the content - you can edit the articles very quickly and easily by adding internal links to other pages and products on your website, changing phrases, adding your product names etc.

With years of experience in the health industry and in-depth knowledge about SEO success, we have written thousands of articles on related topics. You can now benefit from our expertise too!

Use our content to help boost your sales!


Marketing is an essential part of a successful business

How can the marketing discounts benefit me?

Marketing your products and services on a regular basis is an essential component of any smart business strategy - but it can be expensive.

Many businesses (particularly start-ups and smaller ventures) find that they have limited cashflow and therefore a relatively small marketing budget, and advertising costs (such as for AdWords) can reach into the thousands.

The 25% off marketing discounts provided through Trade Member PLUS give you the opportunity to create regular marketing campaigns (eg. using web banners, posters, videos etc) at a very low price, helping you to boost sales.



How much does it cost to join Trade Member PLUS?

Join for 6 months @ £111 (£18.50 per month); OR join for 12 months @ £222 and receive 2 months FREE (£15.85 per month).

How do I join?

It’s easy! All you need to do is log in to your account and purchase the option that best suits you from the product page. We will then set up all the benefits for you.

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Any questions? If you have any questions about Trade Member PLUS, which aren’t answered on this page or in our FAQs, please contact our marketing team here.

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