Themed Content Generation (UNIQUE ARTICLES)

Themed Content Generation (UNIQUE ARTICLES)
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Batch buy 100% unique, keyword-rich content that will help drive targetted traffic to your website!

UPDATE: April 2023 - due to new AI detection technology, even though every article we generate for you is unique, we advise you amend the articles slightly and personalise them before uploading to your website. 

SUMMARY of the Themed Content Generation service:

What is it?

Website CONTENT IS KING when trying to rank on any search engine for a specific type of product or service you offer.


But with so much online competition around today, it can be very hard to get a new website ranking in search results, or keep an established website ranking well. 

So how do you get search engines (like Google) to start sending you customers, and then keep that number growing?

We all want to achieve results INSTANTLY, with the minimum amount of work - and manually creating your own regular content can be extremely time-consuming.

So we have developed a solution that we can share EXCLUSIVELY with you!

Our Themed Content Generation service - an Artificial Intelligence (AI) app - will write unique, perfectly readable content FOR YOU, based on the keywords you provide on any topic of your choice - ideal for ranking in a particular niche and for targetted marketing strategies.

Relevant content for your area, WITHOUT WASTING ANY TIME researching or writing a single word yourself.
NO MORE never-ending article research for you to do.
NO NEED to ever write time-consuming articles yourself or pay for EXPENSIVE OUTSOURCING ever again.
TRULY UNIQUE page content that passes CopyScape EVERY Time - GUARANTEED!

This service is designed to help boost your website traffic through high levels of unique, keyword-rich content.

  • You get batches of AI generated KEYWORD-RICH and 100% UNIQUE articles ready for you to upload to your website or blog.
  • The articles are written on a specific topic / niche of your choice.
  • This helps build website authority, so that search engines start to send traffic your way and keep it coming.
  • It can be used as often as, and for as long as, you require.
  • As you are uploading the articles yourself, this service works with any website platform.

With just 10 to 20 unique articles per niche or target keyword on your blog or website, you can show Google and the other search engines, that you are an authority on a particular topic and therefore worthy of traffic being sent your way! What's more, the traffic will be targetted - in other words, matched to your website niche and therefore more likely to lead to conversions.

Artificial Intelligence combined with the power of profitable content creation - in one easy service!

Please note: This service provides batches of unique articles that can be regularly purchased on any topic of your choice, to boost your website authority and keep it high, to in turn help increase traffic to your website and keep it growing. The upload process is not automated. You add the content to your website yourself. For articles that are auto-posted to your website or blog, please see our Articles AUTO-Submitter service. However, due to the automation, these articles are not unique, the service only works on the Wordpress platform and it can only be used for a maximum of 54 weeks. 

DETAILED INFORMATION on the Themed Content Generation service:

As a website owner, you will want as many eyes as possible on your site - whether your goal is to sell your products and services, promote your work  and/or entertain and inform readers. Simply put, the more visitors you get, the easier it will be to earn income and build an audience you can count on for ongoing business.

There are a lot of ways to drive traffic to your site, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective. SEO is a collection of strategies and techniques aimed at helping your pages rank higher in search engines results. This increases your site’s visibility and can really help it take off.

What’s more, what has never been clearer is that owning a website / e-commerce store is one of the best and only ways to future-proof your income. A website is simply a must-have.

However, anyone who has launched a new site will tell you that it can be a challenge in today’s competitive online market to start getting traffic and to keep it coming, through consistently high search engine results. 

Where to begin? 

No traffic, means no sales

Think about it… when you sit down to find something on the Internet, there’s one place you turn: a search engine. This means if you want to get your website noticed, you’ll need to ensure that it appears in searches on Google and similar platforms. Most importantly, you’ll want your site to appear as close as possible to the top of the list.

The best way to do this (without spending a lot of money of AdWords or equivalent) is through targetted SEO, which is a range of tailored strategies and activities based on what we know from experience about how search engines determine their rankings. 

Let's face it, website CONTENT IS KING when trying to rank on any search engine for a specific product or service you offer. This statement is just as true today as it was 5, 10 and even 20 years ago. And it won’t change, except that in fact, unique, relevant and interactive content is more important now than ever before.

Ranking well on Google requires a constant stream of high-quality, unique content uploaded to your blog and/or website pages every week.

You could have the most attractive website and be the most highly-qualified practitioner in your field, selling the finest quality products with the best designed labels, but if you don't have the relevant information pages or blog content, which advertise these products and services, how will search engines (like Google) know about them?


This in turn means you will make few (if any) product sales and potential customers will not be aware of the fantastic range you offer, your qualifications or the professional services you offer.

One of the best ways to let search engines know that you are an “expert” in a particular area (for example, organic nutrition, vegan living, personal training, weight loss etc) is to add a lot of content to your site or blog on that particular topic on a regular basis. This is called “themed content”. These are articles / blog posts that are packed with keywords relating to your target market / area and are specifically designed to signal to search engines that your site is the place to go if someone is looking for information on that particular topic. 

The problem

As more websites are published on the Internet daily, you need to somehow distinguish yours from the competition and show search engines that your website is worth indexing and ranking. You also need to demonstrate that you are an authority on your published topic and can therefore provide information of value to searching individuals. 

You can’t build a new business or survive in today's competitive business environment without a website and good information pages. It’s the MAIN STRATEGY that ALL SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESSES use to differentiate themselves in order to gain more traffic, build up their subscribers lists, achieve better rankings and ultimately achieve more sales and profit - including ourselves.

However, most of us avoid creating site content, even though we all know it should be done often, because it is a HUGE pain. Writing content for the search engines is slow, tedious, tiring and very time-consuming. It also requires a level of expertise to be effective. Search engines aren't going to rank just any old content.

It can take many valuable HOURS OF RESEARCH, writing and revising articles for your website - and if you have more than one website, it becomes a virtually impossible task with the time constraints of work and family life.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to write articles regularly, targeting different keywords and audiences. You need to keep the website growing with fresh, new, relevant and high-quality content.

This is what the search engines want to see before they send more visitors, who are searching for these topics, to your website.

BUT, all this takes so much valuable time to accomplish that it eats into your daily working hours, which you should be spending being productive in your job and generating income. Or worse, you are forced to do it in your prescious spare time.

We have personally been through all these frustrating experiences ourselves, so we know what the obstacles and requirements are when it comes to achieving more traffic and higher website rankings.

While outsourcing content writing is an option, the quality of the content is often poor (particularly for niche topics). If the quality is high, it is then usually very expensive, costing between £25 and £45 per article. It can also take between 7 to 14 days to receive the first draft of an article. In our experience, most articles received from the more affordable content writers required so much editing, re-structuring and rewriting that we may as well have done it ourselves.

Our solution

Who has the time, energy or (possibly) expertise to create this website content on a regular basis?

Having battled this challenge ourselves, and won, we want to share our winning techniques EXCLUSIVELY with you – our customers!

Our Themed Content Generation service is a clever AI App that writes unique, perfectly readable content FOR YOU, based on the keywords you provide on any topic of your choice.

Relevant content for your niche, WITHOUT WASTING ANY TIME researching or writing A SINGLE word yourself!

No more never-ending article research for you to do.
No need to ever write time-consuming articles yourself or pay for EXPENSIVE outsourcing EVER AGAIN.
Truly unique page content that passes CopyScape EVERY Time - GUARANTEED!

This incredible time-saving service makes it possible to add a high amount of themed content to your site, which would otherwise take you many weeks to create yourself. 

You may ask if it is possible for an artificially intelligent app to write unique, high QUALITY and engaging content for your website or blog, which Google and other search engines will index, and rank your website for?

  • Is it REALLY possible NOT be able to tell whether the content was written by a human or by a machine?
  • Is it REALLY possible for you to NEVER have to write articles, blogs or new information pages yourself EVER again?
  • Is it REALLY possible for you to afford this type of service without having to spend lots of money on hiring a GOOD content writer EVER again?
  • And finally, is it REALLY possible for you to get access to this NEW service from us, for a VERY affordable price?

With just 10 to 20 unique articles per niche on your blog or website, posted over a relatively short period (we recommend a minimum of 4 articles per month), you can show Google and the other search engines, that you are an authority on a particular topic and therefore worthy of traffic being sent your way.

This exclusive content generation service we are offering is...
NOT content scraping from other websites
NOT spinning of PLR (Private Label Rights) articles which are not unique.

Our service creates unique articles, written for a specific topic or niche you request and the articles will pass a CopyScape check.

Plus, because YOU ARE IN CONTROL of the upload process, you can always update / edit the content if you wish, add in other text, links and images etc. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO.

So now that we have explained to you the unique article-writing service we offer, and why it is crucial for the success of any website and online business, can you really afford not to add unique, high-quality articles to your website, on a regular basis, at a very affordable fee?


Select your preferred bundle package from the dropdown menu and we will be in touch shortly to request your topic and keyword choices. 

Create a support ticket is you have any queries.​

Important points to note:

  1. We DO NOT, and cannot, guarantee any increase in traffic as a result of using this service - whether within a certain timescale, or at all. However, it is based on tried and tested SEO techniques that are widely accepted to help boost traffic and increase conversions.
  2. We recommend that your purchase content bundles for EACH target keyword or topic, and upload articles regularly, for maximum effect.
  3. This service is NOT automated. You are required to add the content to your website or blog yourself, add internal links to other pages etc.
  4. The articles are supplied in text format.

Any questions?
If you have any queries, please create a support ticket.

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