Selling on eBay FAQs

If you plan to sell our products on eBay, please read this page in full for conditions and guidelines. For Own Label FAQs, click here.

​Selling on eBay

How do I sell your products on eBay?
We do not have our own Specialist Supplements Ltd listings on eBay.

Therefore, to re-sell our products on eBay, whether under our Specialist Supplements branding or under your Own label, please follow the following steps:

STEP 1. Apply for an eBay seller's account:

eBay may request that you supply an invoice from your supplier (us) as part of your seller account application and approval process. If you require an Invoice or Purchase Order (PO), log into your trade account and create a support ticket for the Orders Team. We will generate and upload an invoice or PO, with your details via the support ticket.

Please remember that you are re-selling health foods and food supplements, NOT medicines.

If required, we can supply you with HACCP certification



As we do not hold our own listings on eBay, you will be required to set up your own listings to sell our products whether you sell under our Specialist Supplements Ltd branding or your own branding. 

For this you may need to purchase your own EAN numbers to be used as unique product identifiersWe cannot supply you with these numbers and you MUST NOT use our existing barcode numbers / EAN numbers or SKUs (product codes). The EANs DO NOT need to appear on the physical products. 

You will also need to make it clear that you (your company) are the seller. You MUST NOT state or imply that we (Specialist Supplements) are the seller or listing holder.

The bio / contact details

You will need to make it clear that YOU (YOUR COMPANY) are the seller. You MUST NOT state or imply that we (Specialist Supplements Ltd) are the seller or listing holder.

So, for example, in the bio / contact details section, you put your information.

Please do not refer to yourself as a Specialist Supplements "partner" or "associate" or imply that this is the case. This is because you are simply a re-seller of our products and we have no control over what you say about them or how you sell them, your customer service etc. 

Product images, descriptions etc...

For all available trade resources to assist you with the setup of your listings, see the Trade Resources page (top menu bar when logged in - Resources > All trade resources):

In particular, see the section called "Files for your own website setup". There you will find all pot images in a .zip folder (if selling under our branding), as well as a spreadsheet with basic product descriptions that you can use as a starting point for your listings text. 

Placing dropship orders

To place orders (once you make your sales on eBay), simply log into your account and add the required products to the cart (via either the Get Shopping > Quick shop link located in the top menu bar of the site, or through the individual product pages). As part of the checkout process, you will be asked if you require our Specialist Supplements labels, the order is for dropshipping etc.

If you test out the cart, everything will become clear, but for a step-by-step guide and/or video, click here: 

Step by step guide: