Selling on TikTok FAQs

If you plan to sell our products on TikTok, please read this page in full for conditions and guidelines. For Own Label FAQs, click here.

​Selling on TikTok

How do I sell your products on TikTok Shop?
o re-sell our products on TikTok Shop, whether under our Specialist Supplements branding or under your Own label, please follow the following steps:

STEP 1. Apply for a TikTok Shop account:

1. Sign up as a seller and complete their onboarding process.
2. Upload your products to TikTok Shop.
3. Link your TikTok Shop account to your TikTok Account.

Please note, we are not able to advise on the registration process (except for the information provided on this page). If you have any queries, please contact TikTok Support.

The onboarding process

As part of the onboarding process mentioned at point 1 above, TikTok may request certain information, certification and documentation from you...

  • Food Business Operator (FBO) registration:

All of our own Specialist Supplements Ltd certification, including our FBO documents etc, can be found hereHowever, TikTok will expect you to register yourself as an FBO with your local authority, as a seller of food supplements. 

It is a legal requirement to register yourself as an FBO (i.e. a food business) before you start selling food supplements. Any business selling food or drink in the UK must be registered with the local council at least 28 days before opening / trading. The relevant law is the Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013. 

Registration is free, quick and easy and can be done online. To register, you must provide the local authority with your business details, including your contact information, food activities and premises details.

For further information, see this page: 

  • Food hygiene rating:

As no food is being prepared on the premises, this is not applicable to you. We supply you with pre-packaged goods that do not require refrigeration.

However, if you require details of our hygiene rating, they can be obtained here:

  • Certificate from approved food manufacturers:

We can supply you with an HACCP certificate and covering letter.


STEP 2. Setting up your listings

The bio / contact details

Whether you are selling under our Specialist Supplements Ltd labels or your own branded labels, you will need to make it clear that YOU (YOUR COMPANY) are the seller. You MUST NOT state or imply that we (Specialist Supplements Ltd) are the seller or listing holder.

So, for example, in the bio / contact details section, you put your information.

Please do not refer to yourself as a Specialist Supplements "partner" or "associate" or imply that this is the case. This is because you are simply a re-seller of our products and we have no control over what you say about them or how you sell them, your customer service etc. 

Product images, descriptions etc...

For all available trade resources to assist you with the setup of your listings, see the Trade Resources page (top menu bar when logged in - Resources > All trade resources):

In particular, see the section called "Files for your own website setup". There you will find all pot images in a .zip folder (if selling under our branding), as well as a spreadsheet with basic product descriptions that you can use as a starting point for your listings text. 

Of course, if you are selling under your own branding (Own Label), you may have purchased the Own Label Bundle which includes product images for use in your listings. 

Placing dropship orders

To place orders (once you make your sales on TikTok), simply log into your account and add the required products to the cart (via either the Get Shopping > Quick shop link located in the top menu bar of the site, or through the individual product pages). As part of the checkout process, you will be asked if you require our Specialist Supplements labels, the order is for dropshipping etc.

If you test out the cart, everything will become clear, but for a step-by-step guide and/or video, click here: 

Step by step guide:


Please note, TikTok often have their own specific requirements for collection of the products from our depot, so that they can dispatch the orders themselves and we can accommodate this (if required).