Product Updates & Stock Status Issues

​This page contains the latest information on stock availability and updates to products and formulas.

- 10.1.2021 - Shipping prices updated, based on latest Royal Mail price increases.

# STOCK STATUS ISSUES & ORDER RESTRICTIONS: Last updated on 6 August 2022

Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacture and delivery of raw materials and pots have obviously been delayed. ​The following products are currently restricted to X number of pots per order, or out of stock as indicated.

    - BRMC60 - 6/8/22: awaiting raw materials delivery. New stock available around 15/Sept/2022.  
    - na - na

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Product updates are listed below (including new and discontinued products, formulation changes and all other changes). See the relevant product pages for full details.

Please note: It is your responsibility to ensure that all of your sales platforms, advertising materials and product images are kept up to date at all times with correct product information. As such, please check back here regularly.

01/08/2022 - Ingredients updated - Omega 3-6-9 Oils. See product page and label for details.

08/02/2022 - New formula - MaxNourish. See product page for details.

07/10/2021 - New product launched - PyjamaTime. See product page for details.

20/09/2021 - New product launched - Kids' Champion Chewies. See product page for details.

30/06/2021 - New product launched - Maca Complex Plus. See product page for details.

25/10/2020 -
IMPORTANT NOTE RE BULK EDITS: The pages, spec sheets and label information have been updated for a number of products. If you create your own labels or display this information on your sales platforms, please check them against the updated information.

To download the latest label template pdfs, you must first clear your browser history and files cachet, otherwise the old pdf files will be displayed (with the out of date information).

1) Click here for the products in round pots pdf
2) Click here for the products in flat postal pots pdf

Refer to the date of edit in the top left corner of both pdfs.

21/10/2020 - New product launched - Apple Cider Vinegar Complex. See product page for details.

20/10/2020 - New formula for WheyNourish (Vanilla Flavour). See product page for details.

20/05/2020 - New product launched - Advanced Immunity Spectrum. See product page for details.

13/05/2020 - Pot image and ingredients change for WheyNourish (Chocolate Flavour). See product page for details.

01/04/2020 - Multi-Mushroom Organic Complex (MMB90) - change to NRV values (mg and %) on back panel - click here.

17/01/2020 - Pot change for Fibre & Full. See product page (under the tab called \'Fact Sheets, Pot Image, Label, Price\') for details.

02/01/2020 - Correction of label typo for WheyNourish (Vanilla Flavour): Carbohydrate of which sugars per 30g serving (0.1g and not 1.1g). See label for details.

27/11/2019 - Change made to Energy kcal RI% for RiceNourish. See label for details.

17/10/2019 - Pot image and ingredients change for ProBio MAX. See product page for details.

16/10/2019 - Pot image and ingredients change for Multi-Flora ProBio. See product page for details.

15/09/2019 - Pot changes for MEALtime (Chocolate Flavour) and MEALtime (Vanilla Flavour). See individual product pages (under the tab called \'Fact Sheets, Pot Image, Label, Price\') for details.

20/08/2019 - Pot and formula change for HempNourish. See product page for details.

19/08/2019 - Pot changes for GreeNourish Complete, PeaNourish and RiceNourish. See individual product pages (under the tab called \'Fact Sheets, Pot Image, Label, Price\') for details.

16/07/2019 - Multi-Mushroom Organic Complex (MMB90) - new product launched - click here.

29/06/2019 - PeaNourish (PP500) - new formula (including changes to nutritional info) - click here.

17/06/2019 - Garcinia Cambogia Complex (SN006) - slight changes to ingredients wording and quantities - click here.

08/03/2019 - Liver Clear (SN145) - ingredients typo corrected (\'Capicum Frutescens\' changed to \'Capsicum Frutescens\') - click here.

18/01/2019 - Ashwagandha Botanical Complex (ASWG90) - new product - click here.

28/11/2018 - MEALtime Vanilla (SN049) - formulation change - click here.

24/10/2018 - WheyNourish (Chocolate) (WPP600C) - Protein per serving upped from 21.9g to 23.2g.

5/10/2018 - MEALtime (Choc & Mint) (SN161-CHOCM) has been discontinued.
Use the vanilla or new chocolate flavours.

21/09/2018 - Happy-Flex Combination (HF60) - usage change - click here.

16/09/2018 - RiceNourish (RICE500-CHOC&MINT) - discountinued and replaced with new formula, flavour and code (RiceNourish Chocolate Flavour RICE-CHOC-500) - click here.

5/09/2018 - MEALtime Chocolate (0616MCF) - formulation change - click here.

27/06/2018 - Collagen Ultra Beauty (CCX60) - new product - click here.

11/06/2018 - Turbo Brain (TBN60) - new product - click here.

July 2017 - Hemp Protein Chocolate and Mint flavour (HPPCM500) - discontinued.

April 2017 - Turmeric Herbal Combo (TURC90) - new product - click here.