Individual Label Colour Scheme (ADD-ON)

Individual Label Colour Scheme (ADD-ON)
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Individual colours for each of your Own Labels

Please note: you can only purchase this add-on service if you have previously purchased Own Label Setup or Own Label Bundle, or are doing so simultaneously.

Standard Own Label setup comes with a single colour scheme applied across all labels. 

However, if you are looking for a bit more variety and want each and every label to have a different colour, this is the perfect add-on!

You could even group ranges or categories by colour (e.g. weight loss, digestion etc). The options are endless.

What you get

  • A different colour scheme for each label in your range.
  • Each element on the front / centre panel shown in a colour on our templates can be personalised with your chosen colours.

We will send you a spreadsheet for completion, where you will need to specify the precise colour shade (by way of hex # number) for each available label element. 

Any questions?
If you have any queries regarding this service, please contact our Marketing team here.

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