Own Label: bundle offer (all current labels setup PLUS pot images)

Own Label: bundle offer (all current labels setup PLUS pot images)
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Own label setup PLUS multi-angled pot images for ALL the current range:

Stand out from your competitors, add prestige to your company and build your own professional brand by re-selling our products under your own personalised labels, and then promote them on your website, social media platforms, Amazon (or other sales platforms) and in your marketing materials by using the multi-angle digitally-generated product images that we provide to you - no expensive photographer fees!

To set up your own label, you will need to be a registered trade customer.

Once you have purchased the Own Label Bundle, you will receive a link to the Own Label Questionnaire. In the meantime, please read the Own Label FAQs and Dropship FAQs, if you haven't already done so. They contain important information, particularly for those customers supplying their own artwork.

What you get

  • Own label setup (for our entire range of products at the date of setup)
  • The label design of your choice from our templates (click here for our template gallery - your chosen design will be applied across all labels) or you supply us with your own artwork (see the FAQs for details)
  • Your company logo included in the design (this must be provided by you, or we can design one for you if purchased separately here)
  • Your choice of colour scheme (a single colour scheme is applied across all labels)
  • Your unique product names (mandatory)
  • Your contact details
  • Basic stock images of our choice to feature on the labels (optional)
  • Print of your labels for all future orders of our products
  • Digitally-generated images (3D renders) of your own label products (at the date of setup), supplied as multi-angled high-resolution transparent pngs (normally charged at £10 + VAT per product). Please note: these images are not photographs. To view examples of the images and angles that you will receive, click here.

NO contract or obligation, NO minimum orders, NO printing costs, NO photographer or graphic designer fees.

As you will be receiving multiple angles of each product, the total number of images that you will receive (assuming you set up the full range of products) is approximately 226 (subject to any changes in our range from time to time). This means that you will be receiving the images for approximately 44p plus VAT each, making this bundle excellent value for money, that you will not be able to beat elsewhere!

If you are (or plan to be) a seller on Amazon, this bundle is a must! All sellers are now required to upload multi-angled images of all products being sold on their listings.

Also essential for any customer serious about promoting their new range. In our experience, it is very difficult to market Own Label products without images and, while you can arrange to have these taken yourself, product photography can be tricky, costly and time-consuming.

What is not included

The Own Label Bundle Offer is an easy and affordable way to get your range up and running quickly, and get marketing. Please note, this value product does not include:

  • a high level of customisation
  • personalised barcodes or flat pot spines (contact us for a quote if these are required)
  • changes to the template layout / design
  • changes to the side / back panels or personalised product descriptions (as these comply with current labelling regulations)
  • different colours for different labels (if you require individualised labels or a bespoke design for each label, you can supply your own artwork - see the Own Label FAQs)
  • changes to the effects, angles or other aspects of the digitally-generated product images
  • translation of any label elements into another language (if this is required, you can supply your own artwork - see the Own Label FAQs).

Available add-ons

> Personalised flat pot spines

If you are going to be selling Own Label products in our flat pots, why not also personalise the spines?! You can feature a small logo and your product names in this area, for ease of identification and shelf stacking. Both your staff and clients (as the case may be) will be able to pull them out with ease, without having to first check the front of the pot. Click here.

> Individual label colours

Standard Own Label setup comes with a single colour scheme applied across all labels. However, if you are looking for a bit more variety and want each and every label to have a different colour, this is the perfect add-on! Click here.

> Personalised barcodes

Own Labels that we design come without barcodes as standard. If you require personalised barcodes, please contact us for a quote.

Amendments and customisation

You will be provided with a single label proof for the purposes of approving the design. At this stage you can make one round of amendments at no extra cost (additional, or any future, amendments will incur an admin fee). Following approval, the design will be applied across all labels. Proofs of each label are not included in the standard fee.

Should you require customisation or completely bespoke labels, you have the option to supply us with your own artwork in the dimensions set out in the Own Label FAQs.

Please note: we do not supply pot image proofs, because we cannot alter the way that these digitally-generated images are output by our software. They are created using your approved labels.

Other important information about Own Label orders

Own label dropship orders: These are posted out to your clients with your labels on the products.

Own label bulk orders: These will be posted out to you unlabelled, with the printed labels included in the box. You will need to apply your personalised labels to the pots yourself. The 'Own Label Labelling Guide' form will be included with your invoice and printed Own Labels - this enables you to match the product code on the pot base sticker against the label code (also shown on your invoice). Alternatively, you can pay a fee of 15p per unit for us to apply the labels for you. This option is given at checkout. Contact us if you have any queries.

Specialist Supplements Ltd branded labels: Please do not refer to our own branded labels as an example of what you will receive with Own Label. Our labels are in slightly different dimensions and we have invested a significant amount of time and money in our own designs.

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