New trade customer? What happens next...

If you are a newly registered trade customer, we strongly recommend that you read through the quick guide below on what happens next, as well as the various FAQ pages (linked to from the top menu bar, once logged into your account).

Access to the private areas of this site

Now that we have approved and activated your trade account, you have access to the private areas of this trade website - please explore! You will have registered with an email address and password - use these each time you wish to log in to your account.

Now that you are logged in, you are able to:

  • browse our full range of products (by category, name or via the Get Shopping link) 
  • access detailed product information, including up-to-date ingredients, fact sheets, specifications, lab reports, product usage summaries and more
  • view prices
  • place orders
  • view stock updates
  • view information / FAQs on our other services on offer (including own label, dropshipping and personalised marketing services)
  • view Specialist Supplements news and alerters
  • manage your personal account information.

Placing orders

To place orders you will need to be logged into your account. Find the products you want, add these to cart and then follow the instructions. A summary of the process is as follows:

  • find your products (see above - either via the Get Shopping link in the top menu bar, or by visiting the individual product pages)
  • add them to cart
  • go to ‘checkout’
  • select your preferred shipping method
  • enter your billing information
  • enter the shipping address (if the items are to be dropshipped, your customer’s details are entered here)
  • tell us whether you have your own label*
  • make payment (discounts are applied automatically).

*Please note: If you have your own labels and the order is for you (i.e. a bulk order), the labels will come printed ready for you to apply to the pots yourself, or you can opt to pay for our labelling service. If the order is for your client (i.e. a dropship order), it will of course be sent out ready labelled.

Making payments

When you go through the ordering process described above, you will be presented with the different payment options available, which include:

  • credit card / debit card
  • PayPal
  • BACS / bank transfer
  • bulk order payment. 

Bulk dropship payments

Tired of manually placing multiple dropship orders?

Our unique Multi-Channel Order Import System (MCOIS) is the perfect solution for busy resellers!

It takes the hard work out of placing multiple orders with us for dropshipping. This time-saving system means you no longer have to manually input individual orders each time, as described above. You can upload all your orders from multiple sales channels (such as Amazon, eBay, your website and more) using a simple .csv file.

Contacting us

We use a Support Ticket System for all support issues, queries, correspondence and contact with us. This system cover all departments; none of our teams accept direct emails or telephone calls.

More information

For more detailed ordering and dropship information, click here.
For more detailed own label information, click here.