Multi-Channel Order Import System (MCOIS)

Easy order import system for multiple dropship order per day


Tired of manually placing individual dropship orders?

Our unique Multi-Channel Order Import System (MCOIS) is the perfect solution for busy resellers! It takes the tedious and time-consuming work out of placing multiple orders with us for dropshipping.

This time-saving system means you no longer have to manually input individual orders each time. You can simply upload all of your orders from multiple sales channels (such as Amazon, eBay, your website and more) using a .csv file.

Watch our video
Watch our video

Dropship order import systemUpload and pay for multiple orders in one go

Import your Amazon, eBay and website orders for dropshippingImport your Amazon, eBay, website and other orders

Eliminate manual order errorsEliminate manual address errors

Avoid ordering errorsAvoid ordering incorrect products or quantities

Cut order processing timeSlash order processing time!


How Multi-Channel Order Imports works How it works


1. You receive and download your orders

You receive orders from your sales channel(s) - whether it’s Amazon, eBay, your website etc. You then download them as a .csv file (or you can use our sample .csv template).

Download your orders

2. You upload your orders

You log in to our website and, using the MCOIS, create a template that is ready to accept your .csv files (one for each of your sales channels). You then upload your orders.

Upload your orders for dropshipping

3. Make one payment for all orders!

You can then review and pay for all of the orders in one go! Once your orders are imported, you are automatically charged our trade prices. No repetitive ordering, no mistakes, no time-wasting! It’s fast and as simple as that.

Make payment for your orders


How much does it cost? How much does it cost?

The MCOIS is a monthly subscription service at only £6 per month - no contracts or minimum time periods. While it remains in beta version testing, it is FREE for all logged in customers to try!

The MCOIS is also available as part of our Trade Member PLUS membership scheme.

Get started with multiple dropship orders How to get started

If you are not yet a trade customer, please first register.

Once you have access to the trade area, you can try out the system for FREE (it is currently in beta version testing). When the system goes live it will be a paid-for monthly subscription service, with a 2-week free trial period.

Any questions? You can view the help guide by clicking here. If you have any questions about the MCOIS, which aren’t answered on this page or in the help guide, contact us. If you would like to provide feedback relating to the MCOIS, please use the 'Help & Feedback' button on the relevant page within the system.