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Value poster design:

Want a poster to advertise your own label products, but don't want to waste time or money on design work? Then our Value Poster Design service is for you!

We have a range of FREE marketing posters, which are already made up for each of our products. As free literature for re-use by our trade customers, they feature our Specialist Supplements branding and product images, but for this small fee, we can simply swap our images with your own and add your logo and contact details.

A personalised poster, featuring your branding, is a great way to generate customer interest about your products, promote your business, attract new customers and increase sales!

The personalised poster will be supplied to you at A4 size and as a pdf, ready for you to print off and either display or hand out.

Why use a poster for marketing?
At this highly-discounted price, the Value Poster Design is a great way to create 'buzz' about all of your products! It provides a quick, attractive and cost-effective means of communicating with your customers.

Posters have the ability to increase brand awareness through visuals and they are significantly cheaper than some other forms of advertising. When placed strategically, attractive posters can entice customers to try a new product, purchase something they might not otherwise have done or ask about a product. With our Value Poster Design service, it is a simple process to create your own branded poster and it won't "break the bank". This means you can run more regular marketing campaigns.

Immediate impact
Posters are ideal for re-sellers who have a physical store or face-to-face contact with clients. People looking at posters are actively engaging with your business and taking an interest in your products. In this way, posters can have an immediate and very valuable impact in terms of boosting sales.

One of the biggest advantages of using posters to market your products is that they are portable and can be put just about anywhere and seen by almost anyone - just print and go! You can strategically place posters to target specific customers or place multiple posters in one location to increase brand visibility.

Important points to note:

  • Once you have purchased a poster, our design team will be in touch within 1 - 2 business days. Please ensure that you state in the 'Comments' field at checkout, which poster you would like.
  • To see the poster designs available for personalisation, please log in to your account and visit the free marketing materials page.
  • The poster is A4 in size and is supplied as a high-resolution pdf - print is NOT included in the price.
  • Our value poster design service is highly discounted and is perfect for anyone who wants promotional material fast. This service does not include any design work or customisation - we simply swap our product images for your own, add your logo and contact details. If you would like to have more design input, please see our Poster Design service.
  • One round of free amendments is included in the price. If further changes are required, we will quote you for these.

Any questions?
If you have any queries regarding this service, please contact our Marketing team here.

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