Integrated Ordering System (API)



About the system

This is the perfect solution for busy resellers! Our bespoke API takes the time-consuming work out of placing multiple orders
with us for dropshipping. How?

This time-saving system allows you to transmit multiple orders to us through the backend of your website! You no longer have to visit our site and manually input and pay for individual orders.

Important note:

This API is designed to work on the Opencart platform*. So, if you already have an Opencart site, or we’ve built your website, this will work for you. Otherwise, see our Multi-Channel Order Import System (MCOIS).

*Works with Opencart version and

Watch this step by step video showing our API in action
Watch our video

Process orders without leaving your own website

Transmit and pay for multiple orders in one go

Eliminate manual address imput errors

Avoid ordering incorrect products or quantities

Slash order processing time!


How it works


 How much does it cost?

The Integrated Ordering System is a monthly subscription service at only £6 per month. It is also available as part of our Trade Member Plus membership scheme. Either way, there are no contracts or minimum time periods.

If you buy a website from us, the system will come pre-installed and there is no charge for activation. If you already have an Opencart site, we will charge you an installation fee (£60+VAT - the cost may increase if extra work is required).

 How to get started

If you are not yet a trade customer, please first register.

You will need to have an Opencart website (version or to use this system. This does not work with Wordpress / Woocommerce or Shopify.

Log in to your account and pay for your first month's subscription here. We will then contact you to set up a standing order for future monthly payments.

Any questions? For an overview of how the system works, please watch the video above. For any other queries, contact us.