Enema Kit (SNE01)

Enema Kit (SNE01)
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2 litre capacity boxed Enteroclisma FullWash home enema kit - durable reusable and easy to use

Cleanse and detox Digestion

Product summary

A 2 litre capacity boxed Enteroclisma FullWash home enema kit for personal use. A basic colonic hydrotherapy session in the privacy of home, without embarrassment.

This kit has both an anal cannula for colonic enemas and also a vaginal irrigation cannula.

Durable and easy to use, this re-usable enema pack delivers best results when used in combination with products from our Digestive System, Colon Cleansers, Cleanse & Detox and Probiotics ranges.

The enema kit is packed in a soft cardboard outer box (as seen).

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Enema kit benefits

Own label option and dropshipping service

The Enema Kit is NOT available for re-sale under your own label (or our label) - it comes pre-packed in the soft cardboard outer box shown in the product image above. However, it CAN be dropshipped by us.

Please note: When dropshipped, this product is posted out in discreet padded envelopes. Unfortunately, the outer box is often flattened in the post during transit. You must display a statement to this effect on your website or advertising literature if you intend to dropship this item, as we do not accept returns due to boxes flattened on delivery.

Dropship option

The manufacturer does not supply instructions on how to use the enema kit. Click here for basic enema kit usage guidelines.

This Enteroclisma home-use enema kit has both an anal cannula for colonic enemas and also a vaginal irrigation cannula.

Further information
Best practice is to replenish the bowel flora with probiotics after use. Ideally combined with our other digestive system supplements and intestinal products for best results.

Product information and resources

Product fact sheet - N/a.
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Product label - N/a (this product comes pre-boxed as shown and therefore cannot be rebranded under own label).
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Box details and dimensions

Box type: Cardboard.
Size: Height = 205mm; width = 160mm; depth = 40mm.