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Articles AUTO-Submitter service:

> A service to help your website achieve better rankings through regular auto-posted content, so that you can sell more products and increase your income.

>> SUMMARY of the Articles AUTO-Submitter service:

What is it?

The Articles AUTO-Submitter service:

  • automatically posts 4 articles directly to your website blog for you
  • at a rate of 1 article per week
  • for a maximum period of 54 weeks.

A huge time-saver and so simple - new, relevant and regular web page content for your blogs is taken care of.

Please note: As the process is automated, the articles are not unique. However, you are of course free to edit it as and if you wish.

>> DETAILED INFORMATION on the Articles AUTO-Submitter service:

Never enough time
One of the main reasons why people fail to create new page content / blogs on a regular basis for their website is lack of time – not only time to research and write the articles, but time spent logging into their site, uploading the articles, creating internal links etc.

With our Articles AUTO-Submitter to blog service, we can schedule your articles so that they are automatically published to your website on a regular basis – one less thing for you to worry about, and search engines love fresh, relevant website content.

All we suggest you do is log into your blog area every now and again, personalise the content a little and add internal links for maximum Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) impact and your particular needs - and that's it!
You are done in a matter of minutes.

Why this service is so beneficial to you

If you have created a website and want to make sales, no matter what you are selling, if you do not have relevant and regular page content or articles relating to the products you are selling, then the search engines will not be able to rank your website for relevancy.

In other words, if you do not have pages (blogs) of articles (content) which explain what your website is about and the products / services you are offering, then you have very little chance of being found through searches made on search engines such as Google, Bing etc, by potential new customers who may wish to purchase from you. Therefore, if you want to have a busy website with lots of visitors, you need relevant and regular page content.

How a customer finds your website:

  1. Website is built.
  2. Relevant website content is added regularly.
  3. Search engines find and list the website.
  4. Search engines add the website pages to their database and rank them.
  5. Potential customers do a search for keywords.
  6. Search engines provide them with a link to your website (based on algorithms).

IMPORTANT NOTE: You could have the prettiest website with the slickest design and sell the best products at the lowest prices. But, if you are not listed on search engines as selling specific products or services, then even if you were offering your products for free, no-one would take up the offer because they would not be able to find your website when doing searches.

How much does it cost?

Articles AUTO-Submitter can be set up as a stand-alone service by purchasing from this page. You have the option to buy either a 6 month or 12 month block. If you purchase 12 months, you get 2 months free. Simply click Add to Cart - you will need to be logged into your account. We will then contact you about set up.

- 6 months @ £90 (£15 per month); OR
- 12 months @ £180 and receive 2 months FREE (£12.85 per month).

Alternatively, you can upgrade your trade account to our Trade Member Plus (TMP) membership scheme. TMP includes the articles AUTO-submitter service, as well as a host of other benefits and represents excellent value for money - see below.

Benefits of our Trade Member Plus membership scheme

As mentioned above, Articles AUTO-Submitter can be set up as a stand-alone service, or you can upgrade your trade account to our Trade Member Plus (TMP) membership scheme. TMP includes the articles AUTO-submitter service, as well as a host of other benefits not to be missed by serious resellers, including:

All these TMP benefits for only £18.50 per month! This fee is basically paid off when you have placed orders for ONLY AROUND £100 in a month.

Can you afford not to invest this small amount in order to promote your website, products and services?
Over and above that, this service will pay for itself by way of the discounts offered with TMP when you place orders.

Other forms of promotion out there... (please compare to our TMP benefits for value for money)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): Relevant and regular web page content is the backbone of "white hat" SEO - the type of SEO technique used to improve your search rankings while maintaining the integrity of your website and staying within the search engines' terms of service. Without it, other forms of SEO will be far less effective.

Backlinks: Backlinks, from other websites / social media platforms etc, add authority to your site in the eyes of search engines and therefore support higher rankings. However, if your site does not contain interesting information (e.g. in the form of expert blogs), no-one will want to link to your site. Alternatively, you could try manually contacting other website owners and asking them to link to you – a very laborious process and unlikely to be agreed to.

AdWords: Yes this will help to send internet surfers to your website for the duration of the advertising. However, it is very expensive (particularly for the long-term) and many people are just curious, with no intention to make a purchase after clicking. AdWords is a long-term strategy, better suited to established companies with large yearly marketing budgets.

Paying for articles: You can always commission a script writer to write articles for you, but again this is a very costly long-term strategy (fees can vary from £10 to £60 and more per article). Why spend this kind of money, when you can achieve the same results at a far lower price with our service, plus we add the article to your site for you! We save you both time and money.
You also need to take into account that the writers may not really know much about your industry or target market. This is likely to make the article content less relevant, with fewer applicable keywords, as they will simply do a basic online research and put together snippets of information. Ideally, for maximum benefit, you need the articles to be written by industry experts - someone who is familiar with the products and services you are advertising. What we offer is relevant, targeted articles.

Based on the 4x articles you will receive per month, which are automatically submitted to your blog at a rate of 1 article per week, you are ONLY paying £4.50 per article (not taking into account the 17% discount you receive as part of TMP for any orders you place). Basically, you could pay off your monthly subscription after placing just 1 order!

Write your own web page content: This option is obviously the cheapest for you, but do you have the time, inclination and in-depth knowledge to sit down and write 1 or 2 articles per week? This may sound easy enough, and you may be more than capable to achieve it, but is the time you spend away from your core business activities (and even your family, friends and leisure time) worth it? We have been in business for over 20 years and in that time, accumulated a vast amount of website promotional knowledge which can help you. We have also written books and thousands of articles on topics related to supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals, health, fitness and other topics relevant to your business.

Advertising in magazines and newspapers etc: This is also a very costly avenue to go down. In order for such adverts to work, they have to be run continuously and stand out from the many other adverts.This is a long-term investment with a high financial outlay.

Selling on Amazon, eBay and other platforms: These are very competitive marketplaces to sell on and purely price driven. However, once established, many sellers make a return on these platforms and some even make a very good living.
To become established on Amazon, you may need to spend on marketing (they have many advertising programs) with the hope of acquiring repeat order customers.

IMPORTANT: The important point to remember is that selling on platforms only (Amazon, eBay) is precarious – if for any reason your company or your product(s) are de-listed by those platforms, your whole business venture can crumble if you do not have any other established sales platform to sell from and fall back on. Many resellers we supply have experienced this, be it due to new legislation which they did not abide by or simply errors made by the automated bots on Amazon, eBay etc. Getting re-listed and selling again is a long and complicated process (if indeed it happens at all). With this in mind, along with the fact that it takes time for a website to become respected in the eyes of search engines, the best and most reliable way to achieve a well-ranked site at the core of your business is through continuously adding quality page content.

>>> We can help you with all the above, with our tailored Articles AUTO-Submitter and/or TMP services.

Are you ready to feed your website with content search engines will love?!

Important points and requirements:

  1. This service works on the Wordpress platform only. The articles are posted directly to your website blog. As part of the setup, we will require admin access to your Wordpress website, in order to install and set up the required plugin, as well as create a blog user account which will be posting the articles. Please note we cannot guarantee the service will work on a website we have not produced - occasionally hosting and plugins can cause conflicts with the plugin used / article posting.
  2. If you have a website that is not Wordpress, we will not be able to set up automatically posted articles. However, we can supply you with the equivalent number of articles for you to post to your website yourself. Please create a ticket with us if you have any queries. Images are included in automatically posted articles, however these are not available for sending separately.
  3. By signing up to this service, you get 4 articles automatically posted directly to your website blog for you, at a rate of 1 article a week (for a maximum period of 54 weeks) - or if you do not have Wordpress, they will be supplied to you as text documents as a batch, for you to post yourself.
  4. Articles will be related to health, supplements and the natural health industry.

Any questions?
If you have any queries, please create a support ticket.

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