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Business Card Design
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Business cards still matter in this digital age!

In this age of social media engagement and interconnectivity of people through their smartphones and other devices, it is all too easy to think that you are always connected to your customers or can easily reach others (or be reached) through the internet.

Company websites and networking websites (such as LinkedIn and Google+), do a great job of keeping people connected. However, a website address or social media account can quite easily lose direct sales impact, if a prospective customer does not also have something tangible to regularly remind them of your business.

Irrespective of all the technology that now forms a massive part of our everyday lives, there is still a very real need for including a personal touch, such as a business card, in your marketing strategy.

Below are just some of the many reasons why it continues to be important (even in today’s digital age) to use business cards.

The right impression
No matter what your profession, your customers and contacts will expect you to have business cards, as a professional outfit. Everyone is overwhelmed by emails (particularly spam) in their inboxes - let your business card be a creative, unintrusive and more permanent reminder of your products and services. When you are meeting someone in person, create the right impression with a beautiful business card - an easy and affordable way to promote yourself.

Brand support
A custom-designed business card conveys so much more than just your company name, logo and contact details; it is also serves to strengthen your brand. It is a quick, easy and attention-grabbing way to give prospective customers and other contacts a 'snapshot' of your company's personality. Be proud to hand out a card that reflects the brand you have worked so hard to achieve, when giving out your contact information.

Creative flair
And why not take a unique approach - something creative on the card to help your business stay on the minds of your customers and contacts? Being dull is never a good start when trying to market your business, so be sure that your business cards display your personality and individuality!

Let us help you on your way...
In this digital age, make sure you don’t get lost in the crowded world of technology. Work on your personal brand, make yourself a memorable company and always have a business card handy. It’s a fun, easy and inexpensive design project, and a great way to share your personality and style.

Business cards stand the test of time - make use of them and let us create stylish cards for you that will ensure that your customers remember you and will therefore build your brand and help your business to grow!

For a small fee, we can design your cards, personalised with your branding, logo and colours.

Important note:
This service includes the supply of a pdf, ready for you to send to a printer of your choice.

Any questions?
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