Who are you?

Who are you?

Whether you are an existing client, thinking of re-selling our products / setting up your own range or starting your own business, check out the blog posts in this category to find out:

- why our wholesale health supplements, herbal formulations and foods are right for you 
- how to increase your income (e.g. by cross-selling) 
- how best to use and market our products for your specific industry 
- how to make the most of our services and much more!

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Wholesale herbal supplier and dropshipper

We are premium suppliers of a wide range of wholesale herbal remedies, herbal food supplements and other health foods, vitamins and minerals.


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Are you a personal trainer or in the sports and fitness industry?

If you are a personal trainer, fitness instructor, sports coach or gym owner, you have an existing client base for the re-sale...

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If you are a colonic hydrotherapist looking to:

  • source quality supplements from a brand you can trust and recommend to your customers with peace of mind
  • cross-sell products to your customers...