Start your own food supplements brand fast and cheaply

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Start your own food supplements brand

Low cost own brand startup supplement business:

We offer a low cost, quick turnaround and bespoke own label branding service for resellers who wish to start their own health foods and organic products range.

With over 32 products in our dietary supplements range to date, we can offer you your own logo, label design with customised colours of your choice - from our label templates, or you can even design the whole label yourself.
We will then set it up on our bespoke label design software and print out your labels on a per order basis.

Save money, no need to buy labels:

There is no need for you to spend lots of unnecessary money having hundreds of labels printed out at a time with your local print shop. Whether you buy 1 pot or 1000 pots of a product from us, we will print your personalised label on demand.
This is a very cheap way to start your small business venture selling your own brand of dietary food supplements, protein drinks and organic health foods.

You can re-brand all the supplements in our range. We have probiotics live bacteria for adults and children, high fibre capsules and powders for colon cleansing and weight loss, slimming range capsules, dairy free protein powders as well as whey concentrate and whey isolate protein drinks along with vitamin and mineral combinations with herbals for various organ functions.
Hemp seed protein and pea protein powder are one of our best selling supplements as they have been fortified with beneficial herbs. They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and taste great. 

Free dropship service with your own branded product orders:

Our dropship service, also know as direct dispatch to your customer means you don't even need to hold any stock.
After you have set up your own label supplements range with us, after a customer places an order on your website or other sales channels such as Amazon or Ebay, we will label the products with your bespoke company labels and ship the order direct to your customer.

That's how cheap, simple and easy it is to set up your own brand of food supplements, vitamins and minerals with us.
Great products your customers will love and re-order from you.

Don't wait, start your own label business today:

Want to get going with this new low cost startup money making and extra income small business venture?
Simply fill in our application form and once approved, you will have full access to our services, health products and prices.

Creating your own brand dietary supplements business has never been so easy and low cost every before.

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