Do you need a licence to sell supplements in the UK?

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Do I need a licence to sell supplements?

Specialist Supplements Ltd - supplements wholesaler

We are an established health supplements wholesaler, based in the UK. Trading for almost a quarter of a century, we are experts in the industry and ideally placed to help any supplements reseller to set up their own supplements business or expand their range.

As well as providing a quality-assured range of British-manufactured supplements to choose from, we can assist with custom formulations if required and guide you through every step of the process.

By formulating products for you, offering you a market-ready range and handling all aspects of packaging and labelling, you need not worry about the regulatory aspects - you can rest assured that you will be reselling legally compliant products.

Alternatively, if you do require a custom supplement formula, we are ideally placed to assist you with this. Formulating and manufacturing a health supplement can be a complex, time-consuming and expensive process. You can take advantage of our industry knowledge, experience and contacts to achieve the best outcomes.

Who can sell supplements?

Anyone can re-sell our wholesale food supplements, herbal formulations and organic food products.

We supply a wide range of trade customers and natural health professionals across the world, including colonic hydrotherapists, naturopaths, herbalists, homeopaths, personal trainers, detox centres, digestive health experts, nutritionists, along with small home businesses, large online retailers and independent health stores.

We also have an affiliate program.

There is no requirement to register food supplements in the UK. As long as they comply with the law (the law specific to food supplements and all other applicable food law) then they are permitted for sale.

The reason you are not required to hold any type of licence to resell these products is because they are foods and food supplements, rather than medicinal products or drugs.

It is therefore unlikely that users will suffer reactions to the products. What's more, our product labels conform to all labelling laws, i.e. all ingredients, including allergens are listed. It is therefore up to the consumer to read the labels and decide if any ingredients do not suit them.

It is, however, your responsibility as a retailer of food supplements, to ensure that they are safe for consumption. It is therefore essential to select a reputable and established supplier.

Our quality promise

Our products are manufactured in the UK, using high quality ingredients, under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO standards, ensuring both quality and traceability.

We are registered as a Food Business Establishment with Powys County Council and Trading Standards, under the Food Safety Act 1990, and hold an Organic Trading Licence - all of the products in our Organic Range are certified by the Soil Association.

We are also an FDA registered facility ('FDA' stands for the US Food and Drug Administration). This means that we are able to ship and clear bulk orders (over 2kg, shipped via courier) and Amazon FBA orders to the USA.

Start your own supplements range with confidence

So what this means in practice is that you can start your own supplements line with confidence and peace of mind.

You can either resell our supplements under our Specialist Supplements branding straight away, or set up your own brand like in just a matter of days.

We have a dedicated in-house Own Label service. The team works closely with any resellers who wish to resell our products under their own branding, essentially giving them their own unique range. This is a quick and affordable service.

Either way, you can get started quickly and easily, with no licences or other adminstrative headaches.

You don't even need any industry experience, as we have done all the hard work for you. We have formulated quality, effective health supplements and, as a registered trade customer, you will have access to a wealth of trade resources (including product specifications, fact sheets, marketing materials and expert advice) - everything you need to get selling!

Apply for a trade account now to get started.