Selling private label supplements - steps to success

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Private label supplements

What are private label supplements?

Private label supplements are products created by one company (i.e. Specialist Supplements Ltd), to be sold under the branding of another company / person (i.e. you).

The reason why many resellers of supplements choose to sell under their own labels, is because this approach offers a number of benefits. For example:

  • You are promoting your own brand, and not someone else's (leading to more repeat business for you and greater customer loyalty).
  • You can set your own resale prices, without worrying about direct price comparisons.
  • You can tailor the branding to suit your target market.
  • Having a range that matches your company branding adds prestige to your business and inspires confidence in your products / services.

How to find, choose and sell private label supplements

Well you've already completed the first step! You have found quality assured, UK-manufactured private label supplements on this website.

Trading for almost a quarter of a century, we are experts in private label supplement supply. We have a dedicated in-house team, who can help you design your own labels for your supplements. Alternatively, you can supply your own completely bespoke artwork for use.

We have a comprehensive, market-ready range of products to choose from - supplements to suit virtually any health goal and lifestyle.

When it comes to choosing the supplements you wish to resell under your own branding, you may wish to consider some of the following factors:

  • Do you have a particular target market in mind? In which case you may wish to resell products from a particular category only, e.g. weight loss supplements.
  • Do you wish to maximise your potential income? In which case you may wish to resell our entire range of products, to appeal to the largest audience.
  • Do you have a specialist modality? In which case, you may wish to select the products that best compliment your practice / services.
  • Are you short on time? In which case, you may wish to start with just a small number of products, to reduce setup time (e.g. on your sales platforms etc).

There could be a number of factors that influence your decision of which products to sell. However, it is completely up to you. You can resell all, some or even just one of our products. We offer complete flexibility, and no minimum orders!

In terms of how to sell your private label supplements, the possibilities are endless. If you are a practitioner or personal trainer etc you could sell them directly to your clients. Alternatively, you may wish to start your own online business. Our in-house Web Design team could build you a ready-to-trade e-commerce website, pre-populated with images and descriptions of your private label products. Other sales platforms include Amazon, eBay and physical stores. It's entirely up to you.

We supply sole traders and businesses of all sizes and backgrounds, across the world. This includes start-ups to large multi-nationals. We are a full service wholesaler, that can help you with all aspects of your supplement business needs, whatever they may be. This includes custom supplement formulation, if required.

Choose the right supplier

Whether you are new to the supplements industry, or have an existing business that you wish to expand, finding the right supplements supplier can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring a hassle-free and seamless process.

Without the correct know-how and resources (in terms of, for example, regulatory compliance, product manufacture, minimum runs, packaging and fulfilment etc), bringing products to market can be a costly and complex process.

In contrast, by choosing the right supplier - Specialist Supplements Ltd - you benefit from our decades of industry experience, contacts and economies of scale.

Whether you are reselling our market-ready products or letting us assist you with a bespoke supplement formula, you can rest assured that we have trusted suppliers and the end product will be quality assured and legally compliant.

As already mentioned, we can assist you with all aspects of your supplements business - all the way from initial concept, to final product dispatch to customers. We even off customers a no-fee dropship service, i.e. we can send your orders out to your customers for you at no extra charge and all you pay is the postage. Your customers will think the orders have come from you.

Create your private label range

And so that's it. You have found the products, you know how you are going to sell them and you know who is going to supply them. The next step is getting your range of private label supplements set up!

With our help, it couldn't be simpler.

STEP 1: Create a trade account.

STEP 2: Purchase the Own Label package that suits you.

STEP 3: Get selling! Depending on how quickly you can get the required information and approval to us, your own range could be set up within a matter of days.