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Why all the fuss about raspberry ketones in weight loss circles?

What are raspberry ketones?
First of all, what are they? Well, raspberry ketones make up the main aroma compound found in red raspberries - in other words, it is the substance that gives the berries their delicious, fruity smell. But how do they relate to slimming?

Raspberry ketones and slimming
If you work in the weight loss industry, you will no doubt at least have heard mention of raspberry ketones in the context of shedding pounds. This is because, while raspberries have long been known for their health-promoting properties, it has only more recently been discovered that their ketones actually provide a powerful fat-burning hormone which can be particularly helpful for slimmers.

Interestingly, raspberries also have a molecular structure that is similar to that of capsaicin - a component of capsicum - accounting for their powerful thermogenic actions.

Why raspberry ketones are big right now!
Raspberry ketones have enjoyed a lot of media attention in recent times, resulting in a massive surge in their popularity. Raspberry ketones based weight loss supplements, in particular, have seen a huge boost in sales as retail customers learn more about these powerful weight management support nutrients and witness their results.

Research has shown that raspberry ketones can help the body to burn fat by increasing lipolysis (fat breakdown); helping to increase the rate at which calories are burned; and helping to increase fat loss as part of a balanced, calorie-controlled diet. The raspberry ketone compound is also involved in regulating adiponectin - a protein used by the body to regulate metabolism.

The recommended daily intake of raspberry ketones is 100mg per day. To get the same benefit from the whole fruit, the user would have to consume 90 pounds of raspberries!

Our wholesale raspberry ketones supplement

If you want to get in on the action, why not re-sell our specialist wholesale raspberry ketones supplement? This unique blend will help you to stand out from the crowd and keep your customers coming back for more!

THERMOthin® KETOburner is a thermogenic fat burner and our most powerful slimming formula. It contains a tailored blend of raspberry ketones (in ideal daily measures), with a range of other cutting-edge weight management ingredients - African mango, green tea, acai berry, capsicum, cinnamon, L-Tyrosine, guarana, caffeine anhydrous, bitter orange peel, Siberian ginseng, kelp, vitamin B6, apple cider vinegar powder, piperine and chromium picolinate. A powerhouse combination. 

Help your slimming customers to shape-up, cleanse and nourish their bodies using an all-in-one comprehensive formula and concentrated combination, formulated in line with the latest in weight loss research!

Beneficial for:

A sluggish metabolism Internal cleanse and detox
Energy levels Dietary fibre intake
Regulating appetite Fat breakdown (lipolysis)
Controlling cravings Decreased fat absorption
Stable blood sugar levels Increased calorie burning
Insulin secretion Nutrient intake
Thyroid gland function Cholesterol levels
Digestive system health Blood pressure

Own label raspberry ketones supplement

THERMOthin - our wholesale raspberry ketones supplement - can be resold under our branding (as seen), or under your own personalised labels!

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Dropship raspberry ketones supplement

If you work on a mobile basis (e.g. as a personal trainer), are just starting out and/or have limited storage space, time, money and staff resources, our convenient no fee dropshipping service is for you!

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