About our instantAlerter desktop notifications

Never miss out on stock updates and other important news again...
with our FREE lightweight, discrete desktop notification software!

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This software is only available for registered trade customers. To create a trade account, click here - it is FREE to register.

*Please note: currently only available for Windows computers. If you are interested in a Mac or mobile version, please contact us here.


Why should you use our instantAlerter?

Instant stock status notification

You will receive instant notification when a product is out of stock and again when it’s back in stock. This is a must, especially for dropshippers selling on platforms such as Amazon, eBay and also website owners as it will help to avoid receiving orders you cannot fulfill.

Those not using instantAlerter will only be aware of stock issues if they log into their trade account to place an order or read the email notifications, which can sometimes go to junk folders.

Instant product change notification

If ingredients are changed, you will again receive notifications instantly, enabling you to keep your advertising materials and sales platforms up-to-date, all the time.

Save time

Quick links to login and other important online pages. No more wasting time looking for them every time you log in.

Search queries from your computer

Ability to do deep searches without having to log in online. Your search results are also saved for quick reference in the future

Free notes and reminder section

We have added a Notes section for you where you can save ideas, comments and notes on our products and services (along with personal data too). No more writing them down on pieces of paper which ultimately get lost. You can even set pop-up reminders for yourself, for example - order more probiotics, post a parcel to Joe Soap etc.

Free CSV file convertor for MCOIS

For busy customer who use our MCOIS (Multi Channel Orders Import System), this is a time saving tool. Simply select your spreadsheet orders file which you downloaded from your website (or other sales platforms) and instantAlerter will save it in the correct csv file format for import into our MCOIS. Fast and easy.

Feedback form

Please provide us with feedback on instantAlerter and on ways we can improve it for you. You can also rate the usefulness of this software.

Quick Links to pages

Opens a window with both public pages (no need to be logged in to read them), Private pages (you must be logged in) and your account pages (your Order History etc). Go direct to the relevant web pages when using these quick links.

Support tickets

Need help or have a question not answered by our website? Simply click the buttons for fast ticket creation and to respond (you must be logged into the trade website).


You can backup and restore all information on instantAlerter. There are also other options you can adjust but we advise you leave the default settings.

Special offers and discounts for users

We would like everyone to use instantAlerter and therefore will offer users occasional special offers and discounts via notifications on the software,

Automatic software updates

If we add new features or make changes to instantAlerter, we will advise you with a notification message. All you need to do is either restart your computer or simply Exit the software and restart it again.

And... it's available for all customers for FREE!