Manually Placing Orders


Placing orders

If you just need to place 1 or 2 product orders for the day, you can do this manually. Simply log into your account and add the required products to the cart (via either the Get Shopping link located in the top menu bar of the site, or through the individual product pages). As part of the checkout process, you will be asked if you have your own label, the order is for dropshipping etc.

If you test out the cart the process is self-explanatory, but if you would find a step-by-step guide helpful click here, or watch this help video.

Other dropship ordering options

If you are a busy dropshipper, placing multiple orders per day, we have 2 faster options for placing orders.

Upload multiple orders

Use our Multi-Channel Order Import System (MCOIS) to upload multiple dropship orders from any sales channel using a .csv file.

Download our FREE software to convert your eBay, Amazon, Shopify and other cart orders into the right format for uploading to our MCOIS.

Ideal for busy dropshippers placing in excess of 8-10 orders per day.

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Automated orders API

If you have a Wordpress Woocommerce website or we have built your site for you, you can use our handy API to place dropship orders directly from within your website.

This is the quickest and easiest method of processing multiple orders daily.

If you do not yet have a website and would like us to build one for you, click here for more information.

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