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Below are answers to common questions.
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Once registered, you will be able to view full product information (including prices), detailed FAQs and place orders. In the meantime, please browse the other information pages of this site to find out more about us! Click here for more information about our products.

General FAQs - click here

Trade / Wholesale Prices and shipping costs - for non-registered customers click here.
For registered customers, log in to your account and visit the Resources tab section or click here.
You can download the csv and All-In-One spreadsheet which contains all the prices, discounts structure, shipping rates etc.

Spreadsheet / csv files for website population - as a registered customer, log into your account and click on the Resources tab.
All the files you require to populate your website with our products and images are available here.

Product Information - for detailed information and product Specification Sheets, you need to visit the specific product page and click on the various tabs eg  Ingredients tab, Usage tab, Fact Sheets, Pot Image, Label, Price tab

Own Label FAQs - click here . For non-registered customers, click here for information.

Dropshipping FAQs - click here . For non-registered customers, click here for information.

Selling on Amazon and barcode FAQs - click here

Website FAQs - click here . Also, click here for the information page.

Membership FAQs - click here . Also, click here for the information page.

New customer FAQs - click here

Support ticket FAQs - click here

Please note, most queries can be answered by referring to our detailed FAQs, which you can find by logging into your account and going to the FAQs dropdown in the top menu. Product, pricing and shipping info (along with many other useful tools) can be found under the Resources tab, once logged in.