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Analytics and Webmaster
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Google analytics and webmaster tools setup:

Google analytics and webmaster tools are two invaluable resources for running a successful website and online business. They work hand in hand, to provide you with a complete picture of the operation of your site and to help direct your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.

Web analytics is an incredibly useful tool for webmasters (administrators and owners of sites), as part of good SEO practice. It is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data, which allows you to better understand - and therefore optimise - your website. For instance, analytics can be useful for:

  • measuring and tracking traffic to your site (including traffic sources)
  • as a tool for market research (e.g. providing information on demographics, device usage and traffic flow through the site)
  • for information on keyword usage by visitors to your site
  • for determining the success of your site in terms of layout, design and navigation (e.g. through 'bounce' rate, conversion rate and by assessing which pages and parts of your site are most successful)
  • for analysing how visitors interact with particular features on your site, such as social media plugins.

There are many other features of web analytics, but the key point is that it is an important aspect of SEO because it allows you to assess and improve the effectiveness of your website on an ongoing basis with real-time information. It also offers insights into how visitors use your site, how they found you and how you can keep them coming back!

Used in conjunction with webmaster tools, you have access to invaluable data at your fingertips! Let us help you access this vital tool by setting up a Google analytics account for you.

Webmaster tools
Webmaster tools allows you to monitor the health of your website, providing you with access to a number of diagnostic tools and features. For instance, it allows you to access a wide range of important search optimisation data relating to your site, including:

  • detailed reports about your pages' visibility on search engines
  • crawl errors, html errors and internal / external link errors
  • sitemap submission, sitemap checking and URL and domain preferences
  • information about search queries and traffic sources.

Webmaster tools works very well in conjunction with web analytics, for a full picture of the health of a website. For example, webmaster tools shows traffic for each keyword separately, providing more detailed information about site performance according to search queries. However, this tool will only cover the search results from the specific search engine that is hosting the tool. For instance, Google’s webmaster tools will only cover Google search results. In contrast, analytics shows traffic to a website in its entirety (regardless of where it comes from) and the search terms used to drive that traffic.

Let us help you access this vital tool by setting up a webmaster tools accounts for you.

Important points to note:

  • This cart item allows for either analytics OR webmaster tools set-up. For both, please add 2 items to the cart.
  • If you are only opting for either analytics or webmaster tools (rather than both), please let us know in the comments field at checkout which you wish to set up.
  • These items are add-ons that are only available for sites built through our website build service.

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